Physics Alive

Physics Alive is the podcast where host, Brad Moser, Ph.D., sparks new life into the physics classroom. Each episode supports and shares the many forward-thinking developments that have come from physics education research and inspiring educators. Brad speaks with teachers who employ innovative and active learning styles, researchers on the frontiers of physics education, catalysts for change on important social issues in the STEM community, and students who want the most out of their education.


episode 3: Build a Highly Successful Physics of Medicine Program with Nancy Donaldson

Have you ever stepped into the classroom and found yourself surrounded by…pre-health students? Many of them don’t necessarily want to take physics, but here they are, sent to you by their program’s requirements. What do you do? Well, you could do what my...


 2020-10-30  1h8m

episode 2: Find everything you ever wanted to know about PER on PhysPort with Sam McKagan

What if I told you there is a place where you can discover new teaching methods, access scores of validated assessments, find videos to train your TA’s and LA’s, and even read a guide for how to move a lab course online. And what if I told you it is ...


 2020-10-30  51m

episode 1: Welcome to Physics Alive

In the beginning, we stood and lectured to our students, filling the chalkboard with brilliant mathematics, dazzling from our stage. Then, education research showed that there are many, many better ways to facilitate learning. In this inaugural episode, ...


 2020-10-30  36m