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03/02 – Dropping Like Flies

Tom Steyer, Pete Buttigieg, & Amy Klobuchar have dropped out of the race, but what happens if you already voted for them? Joe Biden won the South Carolina primary––and what does all of that mean for Super Tuesday? Which by the way is tomorrow.


 2020-03-02  19m

Fri. 02/28 – Who's Supersizing Their Campaign?

Trouble might be brewing for Bernie Sanders in California, a record-breaking Super PAC ad buy supporting a candidate you might not expect, a look ahead to Super Tuesday, and the return of Iowa, Iowa, Iowa!


 2020-02-28  20m

Thu. 02/27 - Warren's In for the Long Haul, Pinky Promise

A recap on last night’s CNN Town Halls, Sanders has overtaken Biden in polling with African American voters, but how are things looking state-by-state for upcoming primaries? Plus, Clyburn endorses Biden, and other endorsement, or opposition, updates.


 2020-02-27  15m

Wed. 02/26 - The Democratic Debate Was a Hot Mess

A recap on the messiest democratic debate yet, Bloomberg’s on-stage blunders, some fact-checking of all that cross-talk, and a brief check-in on polls.


 2020-02-26  20m

Tues. 02/25 - It's All Kickin' Off in Charleston

A recap of last night’s CNN Town Halls, a look at the latest NBC News/Marist poll, who’s endorsing who in South Carolina, and what to watch for in tonight’s democratic debate.


 2020-02-25  18m

Mon. 2/24 – The Election Is Berning Up

The Nevada caucus results are in, candidates respond to Sanders’ lead, there might be Russian interference in the Sanders campaign, and a new poll shows Warren bouncing back.


 2020-02-24  17m

Fri. 02/21 – ¡Viva Las Vegas!

Sanders is the clear favorite in Nevada, but the number two finisher is polling at a five-way statistical tie, the Wednesday debate was watched by a record audience for this cycle and helped candidates pull in piles of cash, Warren signals it’s ok for SuperPACs to spend on her behalf, and Iowa. Always Iowa.


 2020-02-21  19m

Thurs. 02/20 – Stop! Stop! He’s Already Dead!

Warren scores the best moment of the evening, maybe of all the debates in this election cycle, in an effective opening attack against Bloomberg, candidates besides Bloomberg do about their best in debates so far, recounting Bloomberg’s very bad night and a couple of his good moments, and Andrew Yang weighed in on CNN in his new role as commentator.


 2020-02-20  20m

Wed. 02/19 - Sanders Is Ahead, But "Who Cares?" (Quoth Bernie Sanders)

A recap of last night’s CNN Town Hall, an update on the polls, Bloomberg says he would sell his company if elected. Plus, what to watch for in tonight’s debate and Andrew Yang’s post-candidate career...


 2020-02-19  14m

Tue. 02/18 - Caucus Calculators

Welcome to the Election Ride Home for Tuesday, February 18th, 2020. This is Jackson Bird, filling in for Glen Fleishman today and tomorrow, with a summary of election news...


 2020-02-18  16m