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Fri. 01/31 – The Gloves Come Off

The gloves are off in Iowa as leading candidates bash each other, lower-polling candidates are going to be pressed in that state for their supporters to shift allegiance, an exit from the race, Super PACs go to war, mostly against Sanders, and the impeachment trial may end today — or Saturday — or maybe Wednesday.



Thu. 01/30 – Election Junction, What’s Your Function?

Everyone could be a winner in Iowa, let’s talk electability and Sanders, Bloomberg spends big on a gun-control ad, the impeachment trial could end tomorrow, and a stamp now is a stamp forever.



Wed. 01/29 – Funny, You Don’t Look Hotdish

In Iowa, Biden floats a deal to Klobuchar, a Pro-Israel Democratic Super PAC airs anti-Sanders ads in that state, Bloomberg spends tens of millions of dollars on healthcare-related advertising, Buttigieg’s campaign has trouble listening to staff people of color, and the Senate impeachment trial heads towards a conclusion? Or weeks more?



Tues. 01/28 – I Owe Ya a Visit, Iowa

The last dash for relevance in Iowa, while three of the top five candidates are stuck in the Senate impeachment trial in D.C., a Republican senator tries to throw shade on Biden and he revels in it, the latest poll, jockeying for senate seats this fall, and the latest impeachment updates.


 2020-01-28  20m

Mon. 01/27 – Biden and Sanders Vie for the Top

An update on the Democratic candidate campaign narrative, piles of new polls from Iowa, New Hampshire, other states, and nationally, Yang qualifies for the next DNC debate, Bloomberg speaks out against anti-Semitism, people with disabilities still face significant bars against participating in Iowa’s caucuses, and John Bolton says he was in the room where it happened, room where it happened.


 2020-01-27  23m

Thu. 01/23 – You’re Entitled To Your Own Opinion

Three of the top five Democratic candidates are stuck in D.C. while the other two campaign in Iowa, a fresh New Hampshire poll puts Bernie Sanders well ahead of the pack, Hillary Clinton clarifies she’ll support any nominee, Social Security and Medicare come under attack and Sanders and Biden defend their records on these programs, Elizabeth Warren calls on Mike Bloomberg to divest himself of his namesake news organization, an update on the impeachment, and a couple of corrections.


 2020-01-23  19m

Wed. 01/22 – No Surprises, Yet

Two new national polls show the race remaining about the same, Buttigieg takes advantage of absent senators in campaigning in Iowa, reviewing the rules for the next Democratic candidate debate, the latest impeachment update as the Senate trial commences, and Tulsi Gabbard sues Hillary Clinton over podcast comments.


 2020-01-22  19m

Tues. 1/21 – Can the Dems Sing Kumbaya?

Democrats link arms at a MLK, Jr., march, Sanders apologizes to Biden over corruption accusation by a surrogate, how the first four primary states cast ballots, Hillary Clinton disses Sanders in an upcoming documentary series, the New York Times splits the endorsement baby, and your impeachment update with a side serving of milk.


 2020-01-21  20m

Fri. 01/17 – Legislative Flips and Literal Push-ups

Democrats plan to flip state legislature before redistricting, the impeachment update, how senators plan to campaign during the impeachment trial, Tulsi Gabbard challenges a voter to a push-up contest—and you will not be surprised who won, a Republican House group says candidates need to raise more money on their own, while a Republican Senate group announces record-breaking fundraising.


 2020-01-17  15m

Thu. 01/16 – Here Comes a Hot Mess in Iowa

The impeachment update, the Elizabeth Warren/Bernie Sanders exchange, Andrew Yang’s staff has unionized, Joe Walsh protests Republican primary cancellations at RNC headquarters, and a change in Iowa caucus rules might make the outcome confusing.


 2020-01-16  18m