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The Project A Podcast is the place to go for entrepreneurs and founders looking for expert advice and actionable tips to take their startup to the next level. We know it can be a long and hard journey. Challenges are infinite and resources limited. In this podcast, you’ll learn from our experience as an Operational VC working with 50+ early-stage startups and find the inspiration you need to get going. Featuring our in-house experts in fields such as Marketing, BI, and Organizational Building, as well as fellow founders from our broad portfolio of companies, we give you valuable insights on what it takes to build a successful company.

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Who needs QA? - with Florian Preusner, CTO | PAP072

The software quality has increased a lot over the last couple of years - and there are many tools and services out there that promise to ensure a high software quality – but, does that mean that QA is not relevant anymore?   With our Guest...



Nobody cares about you! Five hard truths every entrepreneur has to learn about communication @ Project A Knowledge Conference 2019 | PAP071

Nobody cares about you! 
Five hard truths every entrepreneur has to learn about communication   Your business idea is spot-on, your product brilliant, your team inspiring, - and yet nobody takes notice. You wonder why? We will share 5 hard...



The BAD meetup: Winning the E-Scooter Race with Data @ Project A | PAP070

We recently held the 3rd edition of the Business And Data Meetup and this time it was all about e-Scooters. People had mixed feelings about the arrival of the micro-mobility companies to Berlin this summer. While some value a fast & fun way to...



A Podcast about podcasting: 5 things to have in mind when starting your own Podcast - with Joel Dombrower, Communications Manager at Project A | PAP069

Apple Podcast is no longer the big kid on the block. At the beginning of 2019 Spotify invested $400 million in podcast technology, clearly hinting that it’s a central part of their business model. At Project A, we’ve been betting on podcasting...



Targeting 2.0 - with Kasper Skou, CEO at Semasio | PAP068

With its targeting solutions, Semasio re-defined targeting. Moving away from pre-defined taxonomies to a semantic approach to holistically capture who the user is and how to target them specifically. Semasio calls this “The Power of Semantic...


 2019-09-13  54m

Let’s Talk about Gender - A discussion about gender non-binary inclusion in recruiting & in the workplace | PAP067

Languages can be unnecessarily gendered. How can we change this and why should we? Using informal gender slang can be common in everyday language. Tune into this podcast to hear a Gender Queer person’s insights (Molly Barrett, Working Student Talent...


 2019-09-05  32m

Comtravo: A discussion about serverless setups - with Marko Schilde, CTO and Founder at Comtravo | PAP066

Serverless setups are not really new but the market and their usage is strongly increasing. Yet sometimes people are still unsure if they should start with that technology or not.   Our portfolio company Comtravo is using serverless setups quite...


 2019-08-30  47m

Business Intelligence: What is BI and when do you need it? - With Selim Nowicki and Bob Hardt | PAP065

In business you can always go with your gut feeling, but as the digital giants have proven, only those that use data stay ahead of the curve. How startups, with the help of Business Intelligence, can support their long-term growth with data?  ...


 2019-08-23  24m

Wie man eine Brand lean aufbaut und misst - mit Anne Geuther und Bob Hardt von Project A | PAP064

Es gibt da diese Vorurteile gegenüber Branding: es dauert, ist kompliziert und teuer. Deswegen fangen gerade Startups mit dem Aufbau ihrer Brand oft viel zu spät an, zumal andere Dinge wichtiger erscheinen und deren Erfolg auch leichter zu messen...


 2019-08-16  39m

Growth Marketing: Does my business need a Growth team? With Aaron Rosen, Head of Growth at Project A | PAP063

While in the US it is very common to have a team focused solely on Growth, this concept is still relatively new in Europe.    If you are wondering what the advantages might be of introducing Growth Marketing to your business, how it can be...


 2019-08-09  48m