Rider Love - A Kamen Rider Podcast

The podcast that celebrates its love for the Japanese superhero franchise, Kamen Rider; its stories, characters, and fans. Dan and Faiz bring you the news of the week, breakdown episodes of the currently airing series, as well as our favorites from years past, and then let you have your say on the week’s proposed topic. We strive to be upbeat and positive whenever possible, so come join the fun!


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Episode 159 - “Grease Build Kiva Fellow” - 11.03.21

This week on Rider Love, we get together for a bit of life catch-up and to chat about some news. No episodes of Kamen Rider are discussed, but we’ll be back on track before too long with our next podcast.   Website: Twitter: Email:



Episode 158 - “An Adult Series for Adults” - 10.10.21

This week on Rider Love, TokuSwag is back after nearly a year, so you KNOW we have a lot to catch up on! In Revice 4 & 5, we’re dumped deep into the mystery of the Fenix traitor, and we have a hard time not simping for George. Also we’ve been...


 2021-10-13  2h32m

Episode 157 - “Vicycle” - 09.22.21

This week on Rider Love, Faiz clues Dan into a few key plot details he missed in Revice episodes 2 & 3, plus we’re introduced to the cast of the upcoming Saber V-Cinema!   0:55 - Opening 15:13 - News 33:08 - Spoiler Train! 40:09 - Revice 2...


 2021-09-25  2h1m

Episode 156 - “Cave Rave” - 09.08.21

This week on Rider Love, it’s the premiere of Kamen Rider Revice! We break down Episode 1 at length, and of course get your thoughts in Listener Feedback!   1:11 - Opening 6:48 - News 23:16 - Revice 1 1:24:57 - Listener Feedback   Website:...


 2021-09-09  1h42m

Episode 155 - “Yuri on Escalator” - 08.18.21

This week on Rider Love, we’ve got another supersize Saber discussion for you as we make our way through Saber 17-20! We also throw all of our love and support at Zero-One’s Satsuki Nakayama who came out as transgender this week in the leadup to...


 2021-08-21  2h47m

Episode 154 - “Revice Roundup” - 07.28.21

This week on Rider Love, we break down everything we know so far about the upcoming Kamen Rider Revice. Our excitement for the series may be a bit tempered by recent events and revelations, but for now we’re looking forward to seeing where a...


 2021-07-30  1h40m

Episode 153 - “He Was a SWORD?!” - 06.30.21

This week on Rider Love, we’re wrapping up the first arc of Saber with chapters 13-16, and we get our first official look at Kamen Rider Revice!   1:09 - Opening 9:46 - Spoilery News! 29:35 - Saber 13 & 14 1:26:47 - Saber 15 & 16  ...


 2021-07-01  2h29m

Episode 152 - “Whole Wheat Rice” - 06.02.21

This week on Rider Love, it’s finally time to get back on that horse… er… dragon, and discuss Saber episodes 11 & 12. We’re also excited by the announcement of a new Sentai/Rider crossover film, and the trademark registration for the next...


 2021-06-04  1h57m

Episode 151 - “Honshining Olnofelks” - 05.19.21

In this special episode, we discuss our thoughts on the recent drama surrounding fansubs, as well as the current state of tokusatsu availability for foreign fans.   Website: Twitter: Email:


 2021-05-20  57m

Episode 150 - “Fish-Based Clout” - 05.05.21

It’s episode 150 AND the 5th anniversary of Rider Love! We haven’t recorded in six months. So there’s a lot of Kamen Rider news to catch up on, plus we needed to just chat about life and talk about where we’ve been. Thanks for sticking with us...


 2021-05-12  2h13m