Shirtloads of Science

Dr Karl’s a curious optimist – a great combination for a science lover. Join him and his guests for weird facts, amazing conversation and remember, it’s never too late for a happy childhood.

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Science Talk - 2016 Highlights

Karl, Alice and Jessica choose and discuss their top 4 Scientific discoveries of 2016. Astronomy, Biology, Computer Science, Physics and more. But there is one breakthrough they all agree on (and it has an Australian connection). Listen and find out.


 2017-01-23  15m

Warwick Holmes - the Rosetta Mission's Aussie Avionics System Engineer

We rarely get to hear "insider's"  stories of extraterrestrial discovery. Doctor Karl meets Warwick Holmes - avionics systems engineer on the Rosetta mission that orbited comet seeking the chemical signatures of life. He gives us a blow by blow...


 2017-01-21  23m

Science Talk #13

Three Doctors (almost) - with Dr Karl's report on his expedition to see the Great Barrier Reef coral spawn . Dr Alice on why morning sickness may be good 4 U and how ear-worms work. Plus Dr Jessica (almost) on the physics of the ponytail.


 2017-01-13  19m

Shirtloads of Science Ep 11 with Dr Alice

Dr Alice reports on "open source pharma" for malaria, Dr Karl on space nation #3 - China. Dr Alice on Australian Budgerigars and the traffic control of drones. How Diet is the new highway to human development and is your brain tricking you into making...


 2017-01-03  22m

episode 10: Space Historian

Self-described ‘professional space history nerd’ Amy Shira Teitel joins Dr Karl to talk about spaceflight before NASA in her book ‘Breaking the Chains of Gravity’. Hear about cutting edge rocket planes like the X-15 (and its surprising link...


 2016-12-13  16m

episode 9: Science Talk

Green Sharks, roller coasters, spicy food and finches


 2016-12-12  14m

episode 8: Marine Biology Adventures

Marine biologist, diver and author Dr Helen Scales takes Dr Karl deep beneath the waves to share her passion for life in the ocean. Helen talks about her new book ‘Spirals in Time’ on the secret life of shells. Hear about ‘clacking’ oysters,...


 2016-12-11  20m

episode 7: Science talk : Movie releases of a chemical kind, exercise and coffee

Dr Alice is back in the house for science chat and she’s got popcorn for Dr Karl! But wait, why? They are talking movies and the science behind knowing what’s going on in a film by measuring the chemicals released by the audience. Who knew there...


 2016-12-04  16m

episode 6: Nutrition, Dietetics and Your Toilet Bowl

Colours of Good Health


 2016-11-27  13m

episode 5: Science talk: Watering plants, the first night effect and talking to dogs

Dr Karl and Dr Alice put their heads together to discuss the latest research into well… all sorts of stuff! What do hairy leaves have to do with burning plants? Is Dr Karl’s fruit and veggie classification (serve it with ice-cream it’s a fruit,...


 2016-11-20  20m