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Dr Karl’s a curious optimist – a great combination for a science lover. Join him and his guests for weird facts, amazing conversation and remember, it’s never too late for a happy childhood.

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episode 7: Decoding Chaos #2 with Professor James (374)

The observed Universe is very binary and occasionally poly. Professor James takes Dr Karl inside a collapsing star and suggests how the last ray of starlight will shine.


 March 10, 2024  21m

episode 6: Decoding Chaos #1 with Professor James (373)

How should we explain bumps in the obsevations of Stars? Cosmology is full of intangible forces. Professor Renee James explains "Helium Flash", why it is mostly invisible us and when density matters.  


 March 3, 2024  19m

episode 5: Cleaner Air with Dr King (372)

Lung Disease is killing more of us each day.  As temperatures rise, why is our air more contaminated ?  Dr King explains how it's happening and what to do about it.


 February 25, 2024  26m

episode 4: The Standard pt 2 with Professor Lewis (371)

In part 2,  Prof Lewis introduces Dr Karl to Quarks, Leptons and Bosons. It's a messy subatomic zoo and still our Standard Model of everything.Avoid brain pain and listen to part 1 first .   


 February 18, 2024  25m

episode 3: The Standard pt 1 with Professor Lewis (370)

The Standard Model for everything ... is full of weird names and strange numbers. In part 1,  Prof Lewis explains to Dr Karl how we got into this mess and why this mess still holds true.


 February 11, 2024  20m

episode 2: Vaper Trails pt 2 Prof. Chapman (369)

Vapes are 21st century inventions but the science of smoking and its dangers are well known. Prof. Chapman tells Dr Karl how Vapes are likely to be worse than tobacco, why "Puff Parameters" lead to such conclusions, and how lung cancer became a...


 February 4, 2024  24m

episode 1: Vaper Trails pt 1 with Prof. Chapman (368)

On Jan 1st , Australians have new buying restrictions for vapes. Prof Chapman guides Dr Karl through the Science of Nicotine addiction, how to battle Big Tobacco and why access rules must change.


 January 28, 2024  20m

episode 51: Bee Genes #2 with Dr Remnant (367)

Epigenetic jellies did not help. Feral bees made it worse.  When a species-jumping parasite landed in Australia, our biosecurity controls ultimately failed. Bee geneticist Dr Remnant explains to Dr Karl how we lost round one against Varroa and...


 December 17, 2023  27m

episode 50: Bee Genes #1 with Dr Remnant (366)

Human prosperity has risen on the wings of bees - until recently. A species-jumping parasite has landed in Australia. Bee geneticist Dr Remnant explains  to Dr Karl how and why this is so risky.  


 December 10, 2023  20m

episode 49: Repair & Recovery with Dr Adrian Brown from NASA (365)

Space hardware needs to be reliable, affordable and repairable.  Recycling rockets and reprogramming helicopters are all part of a day's work for support staff.  


 December 3, 2023  25m