Shirtloads of Science

Dr Karl’s a curious optimist – a great combination for a science lover. Join him and his guests for weird facts, amazing conversation and remember, it’s never too late for a happy childhood.

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episode 12: Universe Now with Profesor Lewis

JWST has expanded our Universal view. Where is it changing? Dr Karl gets an update from professor Geraint.  


 2023-03-19  29m

episode 11: Parrot Thinking with Irene Pepperberg

Bird Brains are different. Irene Pepperberg has been probing their psychology for decades. What clues are there for communicating with aliens ?


 2023-03-12  32m

episode 10: Sino Lunar missions with Bradley Perrett

China has a Lunar landing program. It is as ambitious as NASA was in 1969. Dr Karl probes Space journalist Bradley Perrett on how soon we might see Chinese craft on the moon.


 2023-03-05  18m

episode 9: Rocket Science 21C with Bradley Perrett

NASA vs Space X vs Virgin vs China vs Russia. Today's Space race is multi-dimensional and growing. Australia is about to start it's own program. Dr Karl taiks with space journalist Bradley Perrett about the the road ahead.  


 2023-02-27  17m

episode 8: Skeptic Success with Claire Klingenberg

"Alternative facts" ? Claire Klingenberg is an expert at debunking such things. In Europe she engages, listens and changes hardened conspiracy and "woo" theorists. She is the elected leader of the EU skeptics and shares her wisdom with Dr Karl.


 2023-02-19  25m

episode 7: Synthetic Biology with Dr Claudia Vickers (323)

A.I. is hardware-based. It runs on electrons.  Synthetic biology is where Biotech meets IT. It will revolutionise manufacturing & automation. Is a simultaneous Green & IT revolution on it's way ?


 2023-02-12  28m

episode 6: Museum Science with Dr. Barker

Is fair pay for workers a modern idea? How about sustainable agriculture ? A Sydney museum has artifacts to show these are ancient concepts from far away. Should they be sent home? Dr Karl discusses the merits of archaeological repatriation with Dr....


 2023-02-05  30m

episode 6: 329 bio plastics


 2023-01-17  27m

episode 52: Mars #2 with Dr Adrian Brown

On the surface of Mars, the NASA Perseverance Rover is bottling rocks to be returned to Earth. How will they get back? Why are the samples so valuable? Dr Brown, Australian Scientist with the mission, has the latest news in the second part of his...


 2022-12-25  16m

episode 51: Mars #1 with Dr Adrian Brown (318)

While planet earth was in Covid lockdown, a NASA spacecraft left for Mars. Perseverance ("Percy" to its friends)  is on a mission to unlock planetary secrets. Dr Adrian Brown gives Dr Karl the latest news from the Martian surface.


 2022-12-18  17m