Shirtloads of Science

Dr Karl’s a curious optimist – a great combination for a science lover. Join him and his guests for weird facts, amazing conversation and remember, it’s never too late for a happy childhood.

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episode 108: How does a maths teacher become an Australian Local Hero ? Dr Karl meets Mr Woo (108)

Eddie Woo is Head Teacher Mathematics at a government high school in Sydney, Australia - and a whole lot more. He is someone with a gift for teaching and is now internationally regarded for the lessons he posts online with his woo tube channel.


 2018-11-11  23m

episode 109: The Chemistry and Science of Eating. Doctor Karl consults dietitian Dr Kyra Sim and analytical chemist Dr Yvette D'Entremont

Obesity, Diabetes and Heart Disease are ruining the lives of otherwise healthy people. Many of us are at risk through uninformed choices. Doctor Karl consults dietitian Dr Kyra Sim and analytical chemist Dr Yvette D'Entremont for the latest. Did you...


 2018-11-18  18m

episode 110: The day Ergonomics took a dive with Prof Chris Maher

Dr Karl and Prof Chris Maher discuss


 2018-11-25  15m

episode 111: Guidelines for relief of Lower Back Pain with Dr Karl and Prof Chris Maher.

Dr Karl and Prof Chris Maher on treating an age old affliction


 2018-12-02  18m

episode 112: Highlights from the Ignobel & Nobel prizes (112)

Dr Karl & Dr Alice bring you some of 2018's remarkable innovations. A process that transformed manufacturing and surgery, the "Deborah" Number and why a team of researchers went to a Post Office to investigate Male Erectile...


 2018-12-09  20m

episode 113: Ultimate organic cleaner, Enzymes & Mongolia (113)

Dr Karl & Dr Alice Williamson.


 2018-12-16  28m

episode 115: Annie Handmer, Australia's Space Diplomat

Specialist jobs are being created right now. Annie Handmer is ahead of the game as a "Space Diplomat". If junk from the sky kills your satellite or pollutes your land then space law applies. You need representatio. Who to call ? Discover how...


 2021-01-24  13m

episode 116: The Antarctic Treaty & Space Law. Annie Handmer compares the laws of space with the Antarctic.

Annie Handmer tests the laws of space with our last frontier.


 2019-01-13  16m

episode 117: Science Olympics and Sydney gold medallist in 2018.

Sydney had a gold medallist in 2018


 2019-01-20  14m

 2019-01-26  18m