Shirtloads of Science

Dr Karl’s a curious optimist – a great combination for a science lover. Join him and his guests for weird facts, amazing conversation and remember, it’s never too late for a happy childhood.

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episode 40: Psychedelic therapies with Dr. Bahceci

Psychedelic drugs in the 50s & 60s offered hope for relief from some mental illnesses. Lawful access to these chemicals was shut off in 1971 by US President Nixon. Fifty years later the science is mounting for their therapeutic use. Dr. Bahceci...


 October 2, 2022  32m

episode 41: Aussie Aerospace with Taylah Griffin

Taylah Griffin shares her inspiring career pathway from her early passion for STEM to being the first Indigenous person in Australia to graduate with an Honours degree in Electrical and Aerospace Engineering. She now works for Boeing Defence Australia...


 October 9, 2022  21m

episode 42: 5 Numbers with Professor Lewis

Are there more questions than answers ? Dr Karl probes Prof. Lewis on 5 numbers from a Science magazine.  How much (or little) do we know?  


 October 16, 2022  29m

episode 43: Converge with Catherine Ball

Twentieth-century futurists spoke warmly of a tech convergence where digital lives would become seamless. Now that data is omnipresent and society more connected than ever, how are we going?  Dr Karl gets a spot check from "Converge" author...


 October 23, 2022  30m

episode 44: Breakfast of Champions with Dr Nick Fuller

If Antimatter exists, why isn't there anti-food ? Stuff you can eat to lose weight.  Dr Fuller has discovered interesting results from 2020 research based on thermogenisis. This is not a diet. It won't take weight off but it could cut weight gain...


 October 30, 2022  30m

episode 45: Invisible Infrared: James Webb Space Telescope with Professor Tuthill

Professor Peter Tuthill and Dr Karl live on stage at Sydney Ideas. They peel back how and why the James Webb Space Telescope (our Infrared Eye in the sky) has keys for survival. Earth is already out of balance with an extra 600,000 Hiroshima...


 November 6, 2022  52m

episode 46: The cost of Cancer with Professor Tindle

The last thing you expect to see at an oncology ward is a cash machine. Professor Robert Tindle discusses the unequal and sometimes unfair cost of treating cancer. Is your cancer common? Did a drug company successfully navigate the health...


 November 13, 2022  19m

episode 47: Arthritis supplements with Professor Collins (316)

Someone you know is being treated for Arthritis. Fifteen per cent of Australians suffer pain daily and there are few safe drugs. This has led to shelf loads of "supplements" and "alternatives".  Does any of it work? Professor Collins compiles the...


 November 20, 2022  29m

episode 48: Beyond Higgs with Professor Marcela Carena

Particle physics is amazing science. Professor Carena works on the edge and gives Dr Karl an insight into why bosons matter.


 November 27, 2022  26m

episode 49: Dark Matter & Neutrinos with Professor Marcela Carena

Particle physics makes discoveries each day. Professor Carena gives Dr Karl the latest on the relationship between dark matter and neutrinos. 


 December 4, 2022  23m