Shirtloads of Science

Dr Karl’s a curious optimist – a great combination for a science lover. Join him and his guests for weird facts, amazing conversation and remember, it’s never too late for a happy childhood.

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episode 11: EcoVirus crisis woth eddie Holmes

Viruses. We know where they come from  We know how they spread. Virologist Professor Holmes from Sydney University lays a 3 point plan to stop them with Dr. Karl.       


 2022-03-13  30m

episode 12: The natural way to cool our planet with Dr Zarin

Dr. Zarin has spent his career studying and teaching the science of forests. Dr. Zarin tells Dr Karl why he has left academia for the philanthropic sector and how he trees are the asset we need to revalue.


 2022-03-20  34m

episode 13: Missing Gold with Prof. Tara Murphy

Once you sense and confirm gravity waves, what is next ? Gold ?


 2022-02-20  27m

episode 13: String Theories with professor Greene

Resolving subatomic particles in an expanding universe is complex. Can multi-dimensional maths help ? Dr Karl visits Prof. Greene to find out what string theory is and if there are answers.  


 2022-03-27  29m

episode 14: Sensing Gravity with Dr. Tara Murphy

The 21st centrury has been huge for physics. We are now able to build experiments to test \Einstein's theories. Prof. Tara Murphy has been there and gives Dr Karl an insiders' view of modern physics.  


 2022-04-03  30m

episode 16: Kilonovas with professor Tara Murphy (282)

Heard of Kilonovas ? Prof Murphy works with them all the time. What about Supernovas ? In an expanding universe do things always get bigger ? Dr Karl investigates.  


 2022-04-17  30m

episode 17: Dr Adrian Brown : An Australian on Mars (286)

Dr Karl talks with an Aussie who works full time on the surface of Mars. Meet Dr Adrian and his RC explorer "Percy". They are looking for water on the red planet and pushing the boundaries of science . 


 2022-04-24  28m

episode 18: Hunting Exoplanets with Prof. Glazebrook

Earth-like planets are rare but the hunt for more is on. Professor Glazebrook is prinicpal Investigator for the James Webb telescope.and introduces Dr Karl to the world of infra-red observation.


 2022-05-01  23m

episode 19: The matter of everything with Dr. Suzie Sheehy

Observe, Ask, Explain, Predict ,Test. These are the steps scientists use to improve our knowlege. Dr. Suzie Sheehy is a particle physicist. She talks with Dr Karl about twelve significant experiments that changed the modern world.    


 2022-05-08  34m

episode 20: Prof Holmes & the Covid 19 Origin

Virologists now agree on the spot where the Covid19 epidemic began in Wuhan, China. Dr Karl asks Professor Holmes how they arrived at this conclusion and the photos he took of the site before the outbreak began.   


 2022-05-15  31m