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Part of the world History section. How Countries developed and major historical events. Check out our youtube channel for other historical videos podcasts.

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episode 4: Yi Sun Shin: Strategist, Leader, Symbol

Explore the life of Yi Sun Shin, widely considered to be the greatest naval commander of all time.


 2023-04-12  9m

The Bermuda Triangle

Exploe the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, the craft that were lost, and the theories that surround this region.


 2023-04-08  11m

episode 3: Salem Witch Trials

Listen to the bizarre and sinster Salem Witch trials: the causes, the events and the myths.


 2023-04-01  8m

Witchcraft In Britain

A study into the origins of British Witchcraft, the practices, the trials and the myths that originated from this time.


 2023-03-26  15m

The Earthquake that ended an Empire: The 1755 Lisbon Disaster

The Lisbon earthquake was one of the most devasting disasters ever recorded and it effectively destroyed the Portugese Empire as it was on the rise, changing the shape of colonial European influence and asking questions about Religion, international aid, and science.


 2023-03-22  7m

episode 2: History of Superheroes

The History of Superheroes with Eric Flynn, an educator specialising in Culture classes. Eric will discuss the ancient origins of the superhero to its modern day form. Eric is also a novelist and you can find details of his new book "Might of the Gods at the link below:


 2023-03-15  19m

Pre Roman Britain

Examine the tribes of Britain in the Iron age- how did they live, how did they worship, and some common myths from around this period.


 2023-02-22  16m

episode 3: The most famous Dynasty of Korea: Joseon

A brief history of arguably the most influential dynasty of Korea: Joseon. Explore the leaders, events, wars and social policies from this era.


 2023-02-13  17m

#Special guest interview# English Language in South Korea

Interview with Charlotte Choi as she talks about the cultural impact of English in South Korea, comparing Korean and British cultures and talking about Korean Education. You can find her youtube channel below:


 2023-02-02  18m

episode 1: American history: History of the Hamburger

The History of the hamburger with Eric Flynn- an educator specialising in teaching culture to second language learners. Eric is also an upcoming novelist and you can find his Book details below:


 2023-02-02  16m