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Part of the world History section. How Countries developed and major historical events. Check out our youtube channel for other historical videos podcasts.

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episode 1: The Colosseum: The Roman Empire's Greatest Legacy

In Today's episode we'll be talking about the Colosseum, the iconic Ampitheatre and one of the Modern Wonders of the World. This episode will cover the origin, building and legacy of this amazing structure.


 2023-08-04  7m

episode 2: North & South Korea: A brief History of the Division

In today's episode, we'll examine why the two Countries divided, the ramifications to date, and the directions both Nations pursued.


 2023-08-11  7m

episode 3: The History of Alcatraz

In Today's episode, Eric Flynn will talk about the history of Alcatraz Island- a place infamous for its prison. Eric will explore the development of the Island from Colonial Times and its place in American Culture and History. Eric is also a novelist and you can find his debut book Might of the Gods in the links below.


 2023-10-20  17m

episode 4: A Short History of the Taj Mahal

In today's episode we are examining the Taj Mahal- India's greatest legacy of the Mughal Empire and and endearing testimony to an Emperors love.


 2023-08-18  7m

episode 5: The History of Gibraltar

In today's episode, we'll be examing Gibraltar- a small but significant peninsula that has played a crucial role in the History of the Region.


 2023-08-25  6m

episode 6: Chichen Itza: The Lost City of the Maya

In today's episode we'll be exploring the Chichen Itza- the city state of the Ancient Maya civilization.


 2023-09-01  8m

episode 7: The Brief History of Chess

Today's episode focusses on Chess, the game that spans Nations and Empires. We'll explore it's Indian origins and the modern day version that is enjoyed by millions globally.


 2023-09-08  6m

episode 8: Machu Picchu: The Lost City of the Inca

In Today's episode we'll explore Machu Picchu, one of the most iconic Structures in the world. From it's incredible origins to it tragic abandonment, this lost city is steeped in culture and history.


 2023-09-15  6m

episode 9: The Roanoke Island Mystery

in Today's episode we will be examing the mysterious disappearance of the Colony at Roanoke Island, modern day North Carolina.


 2023-09-22  7m

episode 10: The Night Witches of World War II

In today's episode we will be examing the Soviet all female fighter pilot regiment known as the 'Night Witches'. These brave women terrified German soldiers with unconventional tactics and stealth bombing, achieving legendary staus during the war and afterwards.


 2023-09-30  7m
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