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A collection of lectures, debates and speeches of Slavoj Žižek

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ZIZ237 Digital Technologies and the Human Mind (18.04.2019)

Delivered at “Axworthy Distinguished Lecture Series on Social Justice and the Public Good” University of Winnipeg, Canada


 2019-06-27  1h45m

 2019-06-15  1h7m

ZIZ235 Hegel with Neuralink (16.04.2019)

Visit to Film and Television Studies Program at University of Vermont, Full talk title: “Hegel with Neuralink, Will our Immersion into Singularity Save Us from the Fall?”


 2019-06-15  1h29m

ZIZ234 Nomadic proletarians? No, thanks! (30.04.2019)

Part 2 of “Discord Under Heaven: A Masterclass with Slavoj Zizek” Birkbeck, University of London


 2019-05-01  2h2m

ZIZ233 Was Antigone a Man? Masculinity and other toxic entities (29.04.2019)

Part 1 of “Discord Under Heaven: A Masterclass with Slavoj Zizek” Birkbeck, University of London


 2019-05-01  1h59m

ZIZ232 The Divine Details: Enjoyment and Ideology in Cinema (20.08.2008)

Poor audio quality! Bosnian Cultural Center Sarajevo, Bosnia


 2019-05-01  1h57m

ZIZ231 Happiness: Capitalism vs. Marxism (with Jordan Peterson) (19.04.2019)

Debate between Peterson and Žižek. Both start with a 30 minute introduction, followed by a 10 minute replay, followed by discussion. Sony Center Toronto, Canada


 2019-04-20  2h29m

ZIZ230 Why Todestrieb is a Philosophical Concept (06.03.2009)

Public lecture by Slavoj Žižek within the framework of the ICI’s core project “Tension/Spannung” Berlin, Germany


 2019-04-14  1h25m

ZIZ229 Disorder Under Heaven (03.04.2019)

During the third Talk Europe Robert Pfaller, Slavoj Žižek, Peter Pilz & Judith Ransmayr had a discussion about the future of europe. Unfortunately, everybody except Žižek talked in german, so I had to cut them out.


 2019-04-07  1h21m

ZIZ228 Twitch Q&A (27.03.2019)

A conversation between Daniel Jackson and Slavoj Žižek, broadcast live on Twitch


 2019-04-01  56m