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Spectrum: Spectrum: It's all about the senses

Perfume and the science of smell – Autism and the science of touch - Ice cream and the science of taste – Music and the science of sound


 2016-01-05  29m

Spectrum: Spectrum - New Year's retrospective

On this Spectrum look back: Planets, space shuttles and astronauts take center stage - a simulator where scientists conduct experiments - a flying man with a jet-pack - and why the Dutch are so darn tall.


 2015-12-29  29m

Spectrum: Spectrum: bananas and nuclear fusion

In this week's Spectrum, we'll hear why our favorite banana is under threat, how nuclear fusion works, why donating online can be tricky and how radars see through walls.


 2015-12-22  29m

Spectrum: Spectrum: Robots and cashless Swedes

In this week's Spectrum, we hear from Alice, the friendly carebot and why Swedes are going cashless. We also tour Australia's first kids' museum and hear from Africa's futurists.


 2015-12-15  29m

Spectrum: Spectrum: Dance helps Parkinson's patients

Dance is having a positive effect on people with Parkinson’s Disease….Ride-sharing app Uber launches its next big thing…A multi-media project in Hamburg is raising awareness of disability and inclusion through music orientated workshops.


 2015-12-08  29m

Spectrum: Spectrum: German Future Award

Growing food for the Mars mission… Saving lives with emergency braking in cars… Therapy for Pulmonary hypertension… Digital Europe – Deutsche Bahn puts data online


 2015-12-01  29m

Spectrum: Spectrum: On their own

Weapons that think for themselves, encryption technologies blamed for Paris attacks, DNA blood tests for Down syndrome, and a botchy, sputtering start for 3D printing.


 2015-11-24  29m

Spectrum: Spectrum: life sciences with Google and getting high

In this week's Spectrum, we look at the ever-diversifying Google and its foray into life sciences. We explain how text markers work - yes really - we'll also get the lowdown on e-bikes and tell you how you can get high - on running.


 2015-11-17  29m

Spectrum: Spectrum 10112015

The new Satellite Sentinel-3A ...mine-sniffing rats ... Investigatory powers bill ... a show in full armour


 2015-11-10  29m

Spectrum: Spectrum: More studies?

Bacteria on the ISS? …WHO study on meat… Post Polio Syndrome …Net neutrality in the EU … Green talents


 2015-11-03  30m