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episode 97: Top 5 Star Wars Video Games W/ Scott Hodgson

"That's no moon..." It's #PrattleWorld returning to #AGalaxyFarFarAway with dashing rogue Scott Hodgson at the driving seat this time and me as his furry yet very loud co-pilot! We are here to smuggle you the very best with our Top 5 #StarWars video games before we #KesselRun away with ourselves! Join us as we discuss #MaxRebo, dial-up internet and throwing babies in ovens! #PrepareForPrattle To be briefed in full on the Secret Bores head over to #PrattleWorld https://www...


 2021-03-26  1h20m

episode 96: Freddy V.S. Jason: Comic Book Edition W/ Dennis Whittle

The Slash Of The Titans returns...Now in comic form! It's #ElmStreet V.S. #CrystalLake, as Dennis and I compare #Wildstorm's comic book adaptations of #ANightmareOnElmStreet & #FridayThe13th. Join us as we discuss whether slasher films translate into comics, nekkid ladies and Dennis disappointing the #Prattalion. It's #FreddyVsJason place your bets and #PrepareForPrattle To be briefed in full on the Secret Bores head over to #PrattleWorld https://www.spiderdanandthesecretbores.com/#


 2021-03-12  1h28m

episode 95: The Ewok Adventures - Star Wars: Caravan Of Courage V.S. Star Wars: The Battle For Endor W/ Angry Andy Reviews Part 2

The #StarWarsSaga never ends as we continue our #EwokAdventure with Episode II: What Were They Thinking?!?! As we attempt to sift through the Feech and find a #KyberCrystal in the rough...


 2021-02-26  1h27m

episode 94: The Ewok Adventures - Star Wars: Caravan Of Courage V.S. Star Wars: The Battle For Endor W/ Angry Andy Reviews Part 1

"What have you done?" Angry Andy Reviews & I are leaving #PrattleWorld for a galaxy far far away to revisit forgotten #StarWars Legends featuring everybody's favourite Massa-Care Bears those cuddly cannibals The #Ewoks! Listen as we give in to our anger and complete our journey to The #Darkside. Join us as we discuss the FOREST moon of #Endor, nature documentary narration & w***ing off magic trees.....


 2021-02-26  53m

episode 93: Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia Interview W/ Writers Ed Kuehnel & Matt Entin

As The Ultimate Warrior once said "LOAD THE SPACESHIP WITH THE ROCKET FUEL!" As we journey to Planet Wrestletopia to interview the writers of Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia Ed Kuehnel & Matt Entin of Suspicious Behaviour Productions. Join us for one slobberknocker of a podcast as we discuss Earth in a steel cage, childhood nostalgia and Leisure Suit Larry! #PrepareForPrattle Single digital issues of #InvasionFromPlanetWrestletopia are available now on #Comixology https://www.comixology.co...


 2021-02-19  56m

episode 92: Predator 2 W/ Max Byrne

Max Byrne of Mandatory Marvel/DC is here to defend "One Ugly Muthaf***er!" There'll be a hot time in the old town tonight! As we hunt through the concrete jungle to find the best trophies in #Predator2. Join us as we discuss #Yautja Lore, Crazy #GaryBusey and the alternate future dystopias of 1997... #PrepareForPrattle Check out Max's podcast over at #ComicsInMotion https://anchor.fm/comics-in-motion-podcast To be briefed in full on the Secret Bores head over to #PrattleWorld https://www...


 2021-02-05  1h22m

episode 91: The First Cut Is The Deepest: The Origins Of The Slasher Film W/ Dennis Whittle

#TheNightStalker AKA Dennis Whittle is back brandishing a shiny blade and he is not afraid to use it! As he forces me to discuss the beginnings of The #Slasher film genre. Join us as we discuss inexplicable German accents, the censorship of toilets & Christopher Lee's third nipple. #PrepareForPrattle To be briefed in full on the Secret Bores head over to #PrattleWorld https://www.spiderdanandthesecretbores.com/#


 2021-01-22  1h26m

episode 90: Small Soldiers W/ Attention Seeking Geek Ben Crampton

ATEN-HUT! Hope you enjoyed your R&R over Christmas Privates, because were back! #AttentionSeekingGeek Ben Crampton is here to sound off like he's got a pair and defend the film #SmallSoldiers! Will he successfully defend his foxhole or will the situation become FUBAR? Join us as we talk childhood memories, Gorgonites VS The Commando Elite and Rodeo Burgers. #PrepareForPrattle Be sure to check out Ben’s YouTube Channel https://youtube...


 2021-01-08  1h25m

episode 89: Maniac Cop 2 W/ Dan Burgess

There's only one thing on this officer's #Christmas list this year...Revenge! He's coming for the naughty and the nice in #ManiacCop2. Not to worry I have Deputy Dan Burgess on the case, lets hope he can stop me from screaming blue murder! Join us on this joyous #ChristmasDay for the last #AlterNativityStories podcast of this horrific year, as we discuss Franken-Cops, massive chins and fingering killers! #PrepareForPrattle Be sure to checkout Dan’s Photography over at https://danburgessphoto.co...


 2020-12-25  1h26m

episode 88: Top 5 Jewish Superheroes

We don't just celebrate #Christmas during the #AlterNativityStories season we celebrate all festive holidays! As this is the last day of #Hanukkah I thought I'd celebrate the fact that without #Jewish creators there wouldn't be superhero comics, movies, video games etc. So to show my appreciation, I'll be listing my Top 5 Jewish Superheroes!! Join me as I discuss Mossad, a suit of souls and an emphatic dinosaur.....


 2020-12-18  27m