DIY Garden Minute by Spoken Garden

The DIY Garden Minute by Spoken Garden is a quick podcast to help you become a better gardener right now. No matter what level of gardener you are, we are here to help you build your garden care knowledge and skills fast! Sean is part of the dynamic-duo of Spoken Garden, with his wife Allison McManus. Together they create garden content for beginner and advanced gardeners everywhere to help them become better gardeners. Learn more about them and their journey at

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episode 15: Spring To Do List

Sean's Top 5 Garden Priorities This Spring


 March 16, 2018  15m

episode 14: Garden Pollinators and Their Favorite Flowers

Three popular pollinators and Flower Groupings by Numbers.


 February 20, 2018  11m

Interviews from the Tacoma Home and Garden Show Jan 2018

Interviews from the Tacoma Home and Garden Show Jan 2018


 February 15, 2018  12m

episode 13: Valentines Day Garden Gifts

What's the story with our furry Groundhog Friend and What life gits can I give my loved ones this Valentines Day?


 February 2, 2018  11m

episode 12: Winter Blooming Garden Plants

5-Garden Plants That Can Add Color This Winter to Your Garden


 January 16, 2018  9m

episode 11: Indoor Plants and Winter Interest

Indoor Plants: what are they, what are their benefits, Sean's faves, and are they pet friendly.


 January 7, 2018  12m

episode 10: Christmas Special

Best Garden Xmas Gifts, Mistletoe, Christmas Trees, and Christmas Cactus


 December 23, 2017  10m

episode 9: Fall Pruning

Should you prune? What to Prune in the Fall? Why should you care?


 December 13, 2017  21m

episode 8: What are you thankful for in your garden?

What are you thankful for in your garden?


 November 23, 2017  7m

episode 7: Fall and Winterizing Your Garden

Perform these tasks when winterizing your garden this Fall.


 November 10, 2017  16m