Squanderlust with Martha Lawton

A light-hearted exploration of the emotional side of money. Many of us have good intentions about getting on top of our financial admin, budgeting better, and saving more, and in theory it sounds so easy. But then real life gets in the way, we're tired or frustrated or busy and somehow everything has slipped again. Money coach, Martha Lawton asks expert guests about how we normal humans can understand our financial behaviour and use that knowledge to manage money in ways that actually work in our messy, complicated lives. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


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episode 46: When two families become one with Catherine Thomas-Humphreys

Exes and step-kids and half-siblings! Oh my!


 2022-04-19  55m

episode 45: 45: The answer is always people with Tram Abramov

Interview with co-founder and CEO of fintech start-up TaxScouts


 2022-04-05  49m

episode 44: 44: Automation vs awareness

How to find a balance between convenience and mindfulness when it comes to our finances.


 2022-03-23  26m

episode 44: 2022 greetings and 2021 review

Thank you to all our listeners for making 2021 just that bit less rubbish


 2022-01-11  8m

episode 43: 43: Catherine Morgan tells women "It's not about the money"

How taking a trauma informed approach helps women stop people pleasing and begin to build wealth


 2021-12-14  39m

episode 42: 42: Grand gestures and expensive gifts with Dr Jane Major

Generosity, low self-esteem, or manipulative power play? The psychology of high price gifts


 2021-11-30  47m

episode 41: 41: Teaching kids about money with Will Rainey

How to raise children with the habits and mindset that build wealth


 2021-11-16  38m


Ever struggled to control your spending, get around to your financial admin, negotiate a raise or navigate arguments about money in a healthy way?

Wish you could just let go of financial anxiety and shame and just... do what needs to be done so your finances work to support the rest of your life.

Squanderlust is the podcast about the emotional side of money with Martha Lawton a financial educator, coach and former financial adviser...


 2021-11-12  0m

episode 40: 40: Iona Bain on finfluencers, memestocks and roboadvisers

The trend for investing amongst young people and the online platforms and influencers driving it


 2021-11-02  49m

episode 39: 39: Chris Murphy’s gambling addiction recovery

Rebuilding a life after all seemed lost.


 2021-10-19  45m