Squirrel Friends Cocktail Hour - A Weekly recap of RuPaul's Drag Race

Squirrel Friends Cocktail Hour: Weekly recap of RuPauls Drag Race! Amanda and NIck do their best to stay on-topic about each episode of RuPaul's Drag Race while drinking heavily. After all, there's ALWAYS time for a COCK-tail!


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Bonus Episode : A kiki with Powder Blue!!

On this EXTRA special bonus episode, Amanda and Nick sit down to have a kiki with another VIP Patreon Subscriber, Powder Blue! We talk San Francisco queens, the evolution of Drag race, All Stars 3, and MUCH MORE! Enjoy! An EXTRA special shout out to our O


 2017-11-27  n/a

Season 5: Episode 7 “RuPaul Roast”

Happy Thanksgiving, Squirrel Friends!!! We hope you are all having a gross day with your loved ones (human and otherWOYZ). Today we discuss the Rupaul Roooooast! We have tons of great pre-gaming, Amanda learns to stop worrying and love the Michelle, and w


 2017-11-22  n/a

Season 5 : Episode 6 “Can I get an Amen?”

Can I get an “Ammmiiiiiinnnn?” Alyssa Edwards yet again steals the show in this action packed musical extravaganza of an episode! Nick and Amanda discuss their annoyance with Ivy winning the challenge, Coco’s temper tantrum, and Santino&


 2017-11-16  n/a

Season 5: Episode 5 “Snatch Game”

We are at the Snatch Game! We decided that even though this is the worst Snatch Game, this is the BEST overall Snatch Game EPISODE of the series! We will show you why with our very thorough investigation. This is a good one folks!!!! Enjoy! An EXTRA speci


 2017-11-09  n/a

Season 5 : Episode 4 “Black Swan : Why it gotta be BLACK Swan?

We’re BaaAaAAaack! Due to an extended Bidness/Pregaming section, we decided to put a time stamp in case any of you Squirrel Friends are looking to get ROYT into the episode.  Skip ahead to 35 minutes and enjoy! From Soul Train to Ballet, Nick and Am


 2017-11-05  n/a

Season 5: Episode 3 “Draggle Rock”

Welcome to the show, Children! Wanna see my box? Today’s episode is truly a labor of love, as Nick and Amanda go through many trials and tribulations to get this episode out on TOYM. We get an AMAZING workroom confrontation between Coco and Alyssa,


 2017-10-26  n/a

All Stars 3 Ruveal Pop-Up Episode!

SURPROYSE! Please enjoy as we give our immediate and very visceral reactions to the All Stars 3 Ruveal Episode last NOYT. Please feel free to tweet at us, email us….etc…you know that drill. We…CANT…WAAAIIIITTTTTTTTT!  


 2017-10-21  n/a

Season 5 : Episode 2 “Lip Synch Extravaganza Eleganza”

In this episode, the hosts break down the lip sync extravaganza and the demise of Serena Cha Cha. Amanda’s pet curse continues as she shares yet ANOTHER story of a lost pet. A team of landscapers make a special appearance. Both hosts gag on CocoR


 2017-10-19  n/a

Season 5: Episode 1 “RuPaullywood Or Bust!

We made it to Season 5, Squirrel Friends! We couldn’t be more EXCOYTED about it. Nick is pretty much watching this entire season fresh, and Amanda gets to relive Alyssa Edwards for 14 more episodes. What could be bettaaaaaa?   An EXTRA special


 2017-10-11  n/a

Bonus Episode: A kiki with Zee Machine!!

On this bonus episode, Nick and Amanda have an extended kiki with a long time Squirrel Friend of the podcast and VIP Patreon subscriber, Zee Machine! Topics discussed include All Stars 3, a personal “connection” to Jinkx Monsoon, Nick’s


 2017-10-10  n/a