Stammtisch - the latest political chatter from Berlin

Who hasn’t spent a night discussing politics down the pub? At Deutsche Welle’s weekly “Stammtisch” podcast, Berlin’s political aficionados make sense of what’s happening in Germany and beyond.

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Stammtisch: Birthday edition

Don your political party hats as Stammtisch celebrates its first birthday! The Economist's Tom Nuttall and Berlin Policy Journal's Bettina Vestring join hosts Damien McGuinness and Michaela Küfner to blow out the candles and bring you Germany's biggest political stories of the week.


 2019-01-25  34m

Stammtisch - Red Rosa and the German Left

This month marks 100 years since the murder of socialist revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg. So, on this week's Stammtisch we're asking: why is Luxemburg so important today for left-wing politics? And how is the radical Left in Germany doing anyway? Stammtisch hosts Damien McGuinness and Michaela Küfner are joined by journalist Siobhán Dowling and The Guardian's Kate Connolly.


 2019-01-18  31m

Stammtisch - Let's talk about tech, baby!

A data breach targeting German politicans, a party leader leaving Twitter and still no Brexit bug fixes in sight. Time to reboot 2019 already? Don't worry! Stammtisch host Damien McGuiness and his IT team Fabian von der Mark, Andrea Shalal and Jill Petzinger are ready to install the latest update of political chatter in Berlin for you.


 2019-01-11  35m

Stammtisch - New Year, New Politics?

Merkel's long goodbye, eastern Germany goes to the polls, European elections: Germany's got a lot on its plate for 2019. What else is on the menu? Stammtisch host Damien McGuiness and his guests Judy Dempsey, Anna Noryskiewicz and Richard Jones dish up some tasty political goodies for the New Year.


 2019-01-04  31m

Stammtisch - The Christmas Edition

Government on the brink of collapse, coalition chaos, foreign policy revamps and party shake-ups (and we’re not talking the Christmas party kind). It‘s been a busy old year in German politics. Join Damien McGuinness and Michaela Küfner as the whole Stammtisch team - Nina Haase, Maximiliane Koschyk and Kate Brady - look back on the year in German politics. We might need a mulled wine...or two.


 2018-12-21  32m

Stammtisch — Power to the Frauen

Since beating her male rivals to become leader of Germany's conservative CDU, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbaur is certainly showing some frauen-power. So who is AKK? And does it, or even should it, matter that Angela Merkel’s successor is another woman? With or without the Chaka Kahn attitude. Die Zeit's Ferdinand Otto and DW political correspondent Kate Brady join Damien McGuinness and Michaela Küfner.


 2018-12-14  32m

Stammtisch — China in your hand

Germany’s president is in Beijing this week, so Stammtisch heads east. How is Germany dealing with China's rise? What are the pros and cons of Chinese tech giants? And where do hire bikes fit into all this? Journalist Didi Kirsten Tatlow and analyst Thorsten Benner join Damien McGuinness and Nina Haase-Trobridge from Berlin.


 2018-12-07  36m

Stammtisch — Deck the halls with foreign policy, fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la!

Yes, things are getting festive in Germany, but don't get carried away with the Glühwein just yet. With the CDU leadership contest just around the corner and international stories for days, there's plenty to keep us busy in political Berlin. FAZ's Johannes Leithaeuser and the Körber Foundation's Liana Fix join Damien McGuinness and Michaela Küfner for the latest political gossip from Germany.


 2018-11-30  33m

Stammtisch — Hey, big saver!: The German economy

It's budget week in Germany, so we're all about the money. Who's got it. Who's spending it. And who wants more of it. Damien McGuinness and Michaela Küfner are joined this week by Bloomberg's finance aficionados Sarah Syed and Richard Jones to see what it all means for Europe and the rest of the world.


 2018-11-23  32m

Stammtisch: Poles apart - Warsaw's wobbly relationship with Berlin and Brussels

This week we party with Poland as the country celebrate 100 years since regaining independence. But we also check out its tricky relationship with Berlin and Brussels. Damien McGuinness, Tom Nuttall, Anna Noryskiewicz and Nina Haase get in touch with their slavic souls, and dance the Brexit pain away with some Polish pop.


 2018-11-16  38m