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SIM Ep 224 Gig 42: Balding, Pascoe, Dunleavy and Offord

Clare Balding and Sarah Pascoe? On the same show? Oh yes, it's gigcast week and this time we're spoiling you with a recording of the In Conversation show we did on Valentine's Day, where Hannah and Jen asked questions about role models, ...



SIM Ep 223 Chops 94: Eileen Noble - Marathon Woman

With the London Marathon taking place on April 28, Jen went to meet 84-year-old marathon runner Eileen Noble, to find out why she loves running, what's changed over the 18 marathons (and counting) she's participated in, and why she wishes mor...



episode 222: SIM Ep 222 Pod 71: renting, boxing and fighting racism

Scrapping no-fault eviction is a start, but as Georgie Laming of Generation Rent tells Hannah and Jen, there are many more difficulties facing those trying to keep their heads above water in the renting section of the housing market.  Natasha ...



episode 221: SIM Ep 221 Chops 93: Jess Robinson... and other slebs

Musical comedian and impressionist Jess Robinson chats impersonations, finding your own voice and what it’s really like on Britain’s Got Talent, as Hannah, Mick and Jen just shout ‘do more voices! at her, like the delightful pricks they are. Jess also ...



SIM Ep 220 Pod 70: Impressions, imperfections, and the importance of not being earnest

This week the team catch up with comedian and musical impersonator extraordinaire, Jess Robinson (and a few friends, natch). Mick and Jen chat to Natasha Devon, campaigner, author and presenter of Channel 4’s The Naked Beach about bod...



episode 219: SIM Ep 219 Chops 92: Joanne Harris, magic, empty nests and the scent of a colour

Joanne Harris, globally bestselling author of Chocolat (among many other books), chats to our Mickey about her latest novel, The Strawberry Thief, and a whole host of other topics, including empty nest syndrome, magic and folklore, the pinkification of...



SIM Ep 218 Pod 69: The Strawberry Thief, The Yorkshire Ripper Files and The Running Man

This week Mickey meets best-selling author Joanne Harries to talk about her new book, The Strawberry Thief, returning characters and why she can smell colours. Hannah caught up with documentary maker Liza Williams to find out what...



episode 217: SIM Ep 217 Chops 91: teenagers – what are they like?

We've all been teenagers, so we asked mum of two of them Sue Elliott-Nicholls if it was as nightmarish-slash-joyous from the other side and what she’s learned along the way. It was also a chance to hark back to the days when we thought we were get...



episode 216: SIM Ep 216 Gig 41: Hughes, Brister and Cooper

London Hughes + Jen Brister + Daisy May Cooper + our baffled hosts, Mickey Noonan and Hannah Dunleavy = an absolute balls-to-the-wall gigcast. Topics covered include getting a world record or four, shitting in the streets, the joy of mispronunciation, ...



SIM Ep 215 Chops 90: Sophie Hannah

In one of two Sunday Chops today, we talk to author Sophie Hannah about her book - now also a podcast - How To Hold A Grudge and why she thinks "letting it go" isn't always the best way forward. She also tells us about ...


 2019-03-24  27m