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SIM Ep 393 Gig 54: Lyons, Brister, Noonan and Dunleavy

Lockdown and social distancing may have stopped our gigcasts, but that doesn't mean we can't try our best to replicate them for you*. So, as we had planned to go to Brighton this summer, we've instead made Brighton come to us in...



episode 39: SIM Ep 392 Chops 169: Coming Undone with Terri White

Terri White's debut book, Coming Undone, A Memoir, is an extraordinary piece of writing that deals with child abuse, alcoholism, mental breakdown and much more. She and Mick talk about all of that and also about kids growing up i...



SIM Ep 391 Chops 168: Picking your battles with Ashley 'Dotty' Charles

Angry at the world? You probably should be. But, as Ashley 'Dotty' Charles tells us in this week's Chops, if you don't pick your battles, you can't win the war. The broadcaster and writer tells Jen about her e...



episode 390: SIM Ep 390 Flicking #4: Jaws

Steven Spielberg's 1975 classic Jaws is our Mick's pick for this episode of Flicking. She and Hannah are joined by film buff Yosra Osman to talk the joys of Bruce the big fish, definitions of manhood, pisse...



episode 389: SIM Ep 389 Pod 116: shielding, Coming Undone and Olympic mumming

Disability activist Gem Turner has been shielding, and she talks to Hannah about what that means, whether she feels ready to go back into the real world and what the last few months have taught her about how this Government views disabled people. Award...



episode 388: SIM Ep 388 Chops 167: Fighting racism against Gypsies, Roma and Travellers

June is Gypsy, Roma and Traveller History Month, which exists to raise awareness about these communities within the UK. That’s 300,000 people, and sadly, if not unsurprisingly, they’re facing racism on an individual and systemic level every day. And so...



SIM Ep 387 Pod 115: Zooming, driving & showing gender stereotypes the door

We love women, we love history, we love a whole lot of women's history. So, the good news is, in this week's podcast, Mickey chats to a Standard Issue fave, writer Anneka Harry about her new book Gender Rebels, which celebrates the d...



SIM Ep 386 Chops 166: The History Women

Everybody loves a bit of history, right? Even if it's just that it gives us a break from living through it. In this week's Chops, Hannah chats to Rachel Crossley from the East End Women's Museum about how it came into being (and is that ...



episode 385: SIM Ep 385 Pod 114: funerals, fashion and slow-moving magma

Fancy a strangely uplifting listen about funerals? Well, Mick catches up with Poppy Mardall, founder of Poppy’s Funerals, to find out about funerals in the time of coronavirus and lockdown, how people are adapting and creating new rituals to say goodby...



episode 384: SIM Ep 384 Chops 165: The imperfect art of caring with Penny Wincer

Penny Wincer is a two-time carer, single mum and author of the eye-opening Tender: The Imperfect Art of Caring. In this Chops, she chats to Mickey about the loaded nature of the term ‘carer’, how disabled people have been thrown under the bus,...