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SIM Ep 293 Chops 130: Sara Sheridan asks Where Are The Women?

Back in August, Jen and Mick had a natter with pirate queen (of sorts), writer and wonderful human Sara Sheridan about her new book Where Are The Women: A Guide To A Reimagined Scotland. They talked about what Scotland would look like if we th...



SIM Ep 292 Pod 88: Sisters, social media and... soccer (sorry, football)

This week best selling author Jung Chang drops by to chat to Jen about her new book Big Sister, Little Sister, Red Sister, and the joy of archives. Mick and Hannah chat to Sarah Raphael and Naomi Shimada about their mixed feelings around socia...



episode 291: SIM Ep 291 Chops 129: World Menopause Day with Dr Louise Newson

Ahead of World Menopause Day 2019 on October 18, we do a bit more banging on about the menopause. Because it's important. And also because we managed to grab some time with Dr Louise Newson, known to many simply as the Menopause Doctor. Mick chats...



SIM Ep 290 Bonuspod: London Film Festival 2019

It's the 63rd BFI London Film Festival and our Jen has been getting right in the thick of it, chatting to top female filmmakers. She has sourced quite the eclectic bunch for you. Alice Seabright and Elaine Gracie are director and writer of&n...



SIM Ep 289 Pod 87: Civil rights, mental health and bad auditions

Always make sure you are in the right place for an audition. That's just some of what we learned from Cassiopeia Berkeley-Agyepong and Simone Ibbett-Brown, who came into the studio to tell us about their new play, Shuck N Jive, which is b...



SIM Ep 287 Chops 128: Crossfire with Malorie Blackman

Back in August Jen met up with Malorie Blackman at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. They chatted about Malorie's new book Crossfire, the fifth instalment of her Noughts and Crosses series, why she loves writing...



SIM Ep 288 Chops 129: Helen Monks talks Trojan Horse

Helen Monks tells us about Trojan Horse, the award-winning play she co-created, which tells the story of the Trojan Horse scandal, and is about to go on a nationwide tour. She also chats tackling ingrained Islamophobia and the joys of multicul...



SIM Ep 286 Outside The Box #16

Was it worth the wait for Mindhunter? Is Unbelievable the most feminist TV we've seen yet? Why was Bojack cancelled? Who is the guy that's like the Hulk but red? We answer these and many more quest...



episode 285: SIM Ep 285 Pod 86: Reproductive rights, coal mining and Mars

Abortion rights, Victorian-esque coal mines, dead dictators and dodgy CGI: this week’s podzine is quite the mix.  Filmmaker Lucy D'Cruz tells Hannah and Jen all about the current situation regarding reproductive rights in Argentina and he...



SIM Ep 284 Chops 127: Endometriosis and the early menopause

In the fifth and final instalment of our series on the menopause, Jen catches up with journalist Lucy Pasha-Robinson, who went through a temporary, medically induced menopause aged 25, as treatment for endometriosis. They chat about the physical and ph...