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SIM Ep 252 Pod 80: Vaginas, Yootha and the Anniversary Games

It's been a busy week at SI HQ, Mick's managed to grab some time with Alliance for Choice's Danielle Roberts to see whether last week's vote on abortion rights means it really is Now For NI. Florence Schecter comes in to te...



episode 251: SIM Ep 251 Chops 107: Let's talk about death... when you're living with cancer

In this one of two Chops this week, Hannah and Mick catch up with restaurateur, writer and blogger Saima Thompson, who just also happens to be a stage 4 cancer patient. We talked about HOW to talk about death, why it’s important, the reactions of other...



SIM Ep 250 Chops 106: America Is Hard To See

In one of two Sunday Chops this week, Hannah and Mick talk to Priscilla Holbrook, one of the team behind America is Hard To See, which is heading to the Edinburgh Fringe after an award-winning off-Broadway run. It tells the story of Miracle, a...



SIM Ep 250 Outside The Box #13

We're taking a trip to the Upside Down in this month's Outside The Box, when Hannah and Mick chat Stranger Things. There's a whole heap of Matt Berry in What We Do In The Shadows and The Year of The Ra...



episode 249: SIM Ep 249 Pod 79: We need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle

That’s right, Terminator 2 gets the Dunleavy Does Dystopia treatment in this week’s episode. Hold onto your trousers, Arnie fans. There are more bikes, too, as Jen chats to Caroline Folmer, bad-ass cyclist and member of the Donnons de...



episode 24: SIM Ep 248 Chops 105: Let's Talk About Death... Funerals

Poppy Mardall, founder and director of Poppy’s Funerals, stopped by to share her incredible insider knowledge about what happens within the funeral industry. A lot of it was Brand New Information, at least for Mick and Jen, who basically sat open-mouth...



SIM Ep 247 Pod 78: Troweling it on, Trump-ing off and throwing in.

This week, team Noonan, Dunleavy and Offord catch up with writer, actress and straight-up legend among women, Rebecca Humphries, to chat about her “no bullshit” beauty blog, The Trowel, and what it’s like to be in the eye of a media shitstorm....



SIM Ep 246 Chops 104: Sophie Thompson

For this week's Chops, Hannah went to London's Old Vic to meet actor, author and scene-stealer extraordinaire, Sophie Thompson, to chat about her latest play Present Laughter, the perils of fame and talking to herons. They a...



episode 255: SIM Ep 255 Gig 44; Lederer, Adams and Millican

Back in April, Mickey and Hannah met comedian Jayde Adams and the legend that is Helen Lederer for another weird and wonderful In Conversation event. And this time, the boss, Sarah Millican dropped in, too. We talked about what we'd save from our ...



SIM Ep 244 Chops 103: Period power with Maisie Hill

The menstrual cycle: it and its associated hormones (big hitters = oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone) have a massive impact on women's lives. And it's not all painful cramps and mood swings. You may have heard Mickey advertising an Aud...