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episode 198: SIM Ep 199 Chops 85: social media is NOT ruining your life with Sara Tasker

Social media doesn't have to be a harbinger of mental health issues and FOMO, as Instagram guru Sara Tasker tells Mickey in this Chops. Sara's debut book, Hashtag Authentic, looks at how women can use Instagram (and other platforms) to positi...



SIM Ep 200 LGBT History Month #4: Rosie Jones

In Part III of our LGBT History Month series, comedian Rosie Jones comes into the studio to talk LGBT voices in comedy, dating as a disabled person and what it was like to actually have a good year in 2018. A lovely time was had by all. If you...



SIM Ep 198 Outside The Box #9

What you going to be watching on the telly this month? We talk True Detective, Russian Doll, Fyre and The Ted Bundy Tapes in February's Outside The Box. And also, oddly, Diagnosis Murder. Tuck in!



SIM Ep 197 Pod 65: Media, melons & making evil

This week, we catch up with Alice-May Purkiss, author of new book Life, Lemons and Melons, about being diagnosed with breast cancer at 26 and why we all need to CoppaFeel! Dr Julia Shaw swings by to tell us about her new book Making E...



SIM Ep 195 LGBT History Month #2: The fight for marriage equality in Northern Ireland

In the second of our bonus podcasts for LGBT History Month, we talk to NUS-USI President Olivia Potter-Hughes about the campaign for marriage equality in Northern Ireland, what comes next and how the rest of the UK can get involved. Plus, while we had ...



SIM Ep 196 Chops 82: The real East End women

Author Kate Thompson's brilliant new book The Stepney Doorstep Society tells us about an East End was run by matriarchs during the Second World War. Hannah went to meet Kate, along with Marie, one of the women featured in the book, to talk the Bet...



SIM Ep 194 Pod 64: The city, the suburbs and the Sorcerer's Apprentice

We've a fascinating chunk of social history coming for you this week as we talk to musician and writer Tracey Thorn about hew book on her childhood in suburbia - Another Planet. Hannah meets author Kate Thompson to find out about life for...



episode 192: SIM Ep 192 Chops 81: Bedrooms of London

In this Chops, Mick and Jen catch up with Caro Howell, director of the Foundling Museum, to talk about Bedrooms of London, the museum’s forthcoming exhibition in partnership with The Childhood Trust and highlighting the lives of children survi...



SIM Ep 193 Chops 82: LGBT History Month #1 - Pop Culture

It's LGBT History Month and we've got another series of themed Sunday Chops coming at you throughout February. First up, we asked our friends over at the Strong Female Leads podcast - comedians Kate McCabe and Debra...



SIM Ep 190 Gig 39: Riley, Sarpong & Solomon

In this In Conversation, Mick and Hannah had a lovely chat with Lisa Riley, June Sarpong and Stacey Solomon, about the internalised misogyny of Alexa, getting a bit Walthamstow, the perils of wayward loo roll, and knowing your Johns from your Daves. ...