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GeekAgenda021: Morphic Fields and Mental Sorbet

In which Thom and Andru face down the future (both distant and not-too) with confidence and zen, secure in the knowledge that while Apes may rise, music sales may fall, and shared reality may wither away into quaint anachronism, the universal constant...


 2011-08-16  59m

GeekAgenda020: The Accent Is Still Not Working

In which Thom & Andru delve into both the golden age of radio and the current undead rennaiscance with special guest Shane Salk, one of the minds behind Zombie Podcast/We'reAlive. Also on tap: contrasting, spoiler-filled reviews of Cowboys And...


 2011-08-09  58m

GeekAgenda019: More Acute Than Oblique

In which Thom & Andru chat with special guest Michele Ivey about the sublime, ridiculous, and genuinely life-saving benefits garnered through a lifetime of intense TMNT fandom. Also, a spoiler-ish review of Captain America, celebrity sightings,...


 2011-08-02  1h0m

GeekAgenda018: The Superenthusiast's Superbowl

In which Thom lives vicariously through Andru and special guest Chris Jackson (co-host of The Spoon and brand manager for ACME Archives Ltd) as they recap their Comic-Con 2011 adventures, laying out the good, the bad, and the ugly from both the fan...


 2011-07-26  56m

GeekAgenda017: Fourth Row Joes

In which Thom & Andru cover early pop-culture memory, the hidden danger of DVD commentary, fandom as religious allegory, antidotes to the blockbuster mentality, and Comic-Con correspondence possibility, all on their way to reviewing Harry Potter...


 2011-07-19  1h0m

GeekAgenda016: Lots Of Planets Have A North

In which Thom & Andru dispense with the need for origin stories, prepare to survive Carmageddon, and delve ever further into the meteoric rise of Whovian culture with special guest Joshua L Friedman while barely scratching the surface of talking...


 2011-07-12  58m

GeekAgenda015: The Clickening

In which Thom & Andru discover the joys of Skypecasting, catch up on each other's pop-cultural pursuits, contemplate the YouTubian approach to storytelling, and chat with Kielen King about his awesome electro-soul sci-fi concept album, Star...


 2011-07-05  58m

GeekAgenda014: Giant-Sized Crossover Issue, Part II

In which Thom, Andru, Rob , and Chris delve into the digital future and the grindhouse past as they contemplate the hubris of artists, the art of the bad movie, and the necessary parameters of art itself. Also, talk of Space Nazis. Tune in to Episode...


 2011-06-28  1h0m

GeekAgenda013: Space Cops! In Color!

In which Thom & Andru chat with artist/musician/entrepreneur Ryan Morris about his lifelong obsession with the paranormal, and his channeling it through such projects as UFORadar and the Flying Saucers Cafe. Also, some decidedly mixed feelings...


 2011-06-21  59m

GeekAgenda012: Optimism Primed

In which Thom & Andru attempt to shove 10lbs of talk into a 5lb show while keeping up with Grae Drake of The Popcorn Mafia, whose presence infuses the proceedings with a mighty dose of verbal sparkle and thump. Buried somewhere in the swirling...


 2011-06-14  59m