Terrible Warriors

Terrible Warriorsis an actual-play podcast all about the enjoyment of playing Tabletop RPGs. No matter if you have played them all your life, or have never picked up a d20, we’re here to show that anyone and everyone can play. Support us on Patreon at patreon.com/terriblewarriors


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episode 22: Meet the Makers: Mitch Wallace (Necrobiotic)

Justin connects with Mitch Wallace, co-founder of Penny for a Tale and one of the team leads behind Necrobiotic, which is currently in it’s final week on Kickstarter. Necrobiotic is a macabre dystopian setting where the dead outnumber the living and...


 2021-06-03  49m

episode 21: Session Zero: Dune - Pt 2. House Agents

We complete our Session Zero journey into the world of Dune: Adventures in the Imperium and get to know the three agents of House Iosys. Special thanks to for sending us a copy of Dune: Adventures in the Imperium. You can find more information at...


 2021-05-28  1h1m

episode 20: Session Zero: Dune - Pt 1. Noble Houses

Our next Session Zero takes us across the Known Universe to seek out a home among the countless worlds of the Imperium so that we may create a noble house worthy of claiming the planet Arrakis, also known as Dune. Yup, we’re examining Modiphius’...


 2021-05-21  1h37m

episode 19: Meet the Makers: Matthew Orr & Brandon Aten (Never Going Home)

Justin reconnects with Matthew Orr from as well as his business partner, and brother-in-law, Brandon Aten to learn more about Never Going Home, the amazing year they’ve had since GenCon2019, and the release of their new Campaign Dossiers. For...


 2021-05-14  1h10m

episode 18: Meet The Makers: Mattias Lilja (Ruins of Symbaroum 5e)

Explore The Dark Forest In 5e


 2021-05-05  55m

episode 17: Under Hill By Water 02: Wolf Running For Very Brave People

Paying off your chicken race debts is never simple


 2021-04-30  1h21m

episode 16: Under Hill By Water 01: Welcome To Under-Moot

A Game About Not Having Adventures


 2021-04-22  1h24m

episode 15: Behind The Screen: Sweetwater Bank

The Dungeon Master's secrets revealed


 2021-04-09  1h25m

episode 14: Session Zero: Symbaroum

Seeking Treasure In A Dark Forest


 2021-04-02  1h46m

episode 13: Spotlight: Daniel Kwan (Asians Represent!)

He's Been Named The Person Who Ruined D&D!


 2021-03-18  56m