The Amp Hour Electronics Podcast

Chris Gammell and Dave Jones' voices span the chasm of thousands of miles each and every week to speak to each other and industry experts about where the field of electronics is moving. Whether it be a late breaking story about a large semiconductor manufacturer, a new piece of must-have test equipment or just talking through recent issues with their circuit designs, Chris and Dave try to make electronics more accessible for the listeners. Most importantly, they try and make the field of electronics more fun. Guests range from advanced hobbyists working on exciting new projects up through C-level executives at a variety of relevant and innovative companies. Tune in to learn more about electronics and then join the conversation! Visit The Amp Hour website for our back catalog of 150+ episodes.

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#430 – Shahriar Discusses 5G

Shahriar from The Signal Path returns to talk with Dave about 5G and the practical implementation of new broadband technologies. This discussion ranged from phased signal arrays to the importance of processing new information via the internet.


 2019-02-18  1h16m

#429 – An Interview with Charles Alexanian

Charles Alexanian joins Chris to talk about manufacturing in the agriculture space, repairing and sourcing components for the music industry and hobbies that take you far afield.


 2019-02-11  1h27m

#428 – Setting Fire To The Tracks

Dave returns from his walkabout to talk with Chris while he's shivering in Chicago (-23F the day of recording). They discuss dev boards, new chipsets, machine learning, checklists, high speed design, microcontroller features and much more!


 2019-02-04  1h9m

#427 – An Interview with Maarten Engelen

Maarten Engelen is the CTO of Hiber, a low earth orbit satellite company that offers low datarate connectivity to remote applications. He joins Chris to talk about building and deploying satellites and modems for modern applications.


 2019-01-28  1h7m

#426 – An Interview with Dean Pick

Dean Pick joins Chris to talk about founding 3 different companies working on automatic transmission motorcycles, phase shift linear actuators and large scale installations of biomass power generation.


 2019-01-21  1h15m

#425 – An Interview with Chris Osterwood

Chris Osterwood joins Chris to talk about the constraints of building ground robots, designing reliable machines and making components that robot companies can easily integrate into their next product.


 2019-01-14  1h16m

#424 – An Interview with Julia Truchsess

Julia Truchsess, founder of Pragmatic Designs, joins Chris to talk about consulting, the audio industry, toy production and creating products that end up in popular music and millions of households.


 2019-01-07  1h30m

#423 – Open FPGA Toolchains at 35c3

In this special episode recorded at Chaos Communication Congress (35c3), Piotr Esden-Tempski, Clifford Wolf and Dave Shah talk about the state of open FPGA toolchains and the recently announced nextpnr toolset.


 2019-01-02  48m

#422 – Stick ‘Em On Whales

This week Chris joins Elecia and Chris White of to talk about the state of the electronics/embedded world and to recap favorite episodes of the year.


 2018-12-28  1h27m

#421 – The Legend of Kezyermas

Jeff Keyzer (Mightyohm) joins Dave and Chris to celebrate the state of the electronics world and to chat about what's on the horizon.


 2018-12-23  1h32m