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episode 1930: Vigilance isn’t purely receptive. Without criticism, it will become blind with detail.

Nation-states exploit the WinRAR vulnerability. Criminals leak more stolen 23andMe data. QR codes as a risk. NSA and partners offer anti-phishing guidance. A Ukrainian hacktivist auxiliary takes down Trigona privateers. Hacktivism and influence operations remain the major cyber features of the Hamas-Israeli war. On today’s Threat Vector, David Moulton speaks with Kate Naunheim, Cyber Risk Management Director at Unit 42, about the new cybersecurity regulations introduced by the SEC...


 October 19, 2023  31m

episode 1931: Disinformation and its often overlooked potential for denial-of-services.

Hacktivism and influence operations in the Hamas-Israel war. An OilRig cyberespionage campaign prospects a Middle Eastern government. Emailed bomb threats in the Baltic. Darkweb advertising yields insight into ExelaStealer malware. Casio discloses breach of customer data. The FCC proposes a return to net neutrality, while Consumer Financial Protection Bureau proposes data-handling rules under Dodd-Frank. Deepen Desai from ZScaler shares insights on MOVEit transfer vulnerabilities...


 October 20, 2023  32m

episode 1932: How people get over on the content moderators.

Okta discloses a data exposure incident. Cisco works to fix a zero-day. DPRK threat actors pose as IT workers. The Five Eyes warn of AI-enabled Chinese espionage. Job posting as phishbait. The risk of first-party fraud. Hacktivists trouble humanitarian organizations with nuisance attacks. Content moderation during wartime. Malek Ben Salem of Accenture describes code models...


 October 23, 2023  30m

episode 1933: Two new things to worry about: how long it takes to read the fine print, and bed bug disinformation.

DDoS activity during the Hamas-Israeli war. Insurance firm reports cyber incident. Recent arrests in cybercrime sweeps. Ukrainian hacktivist auxiliaries compromise customer data at Russia's Alfa Bank. How long does it take to read the fine print? Ann Johnson from Afternoon Cyber Tea talks with Noopur Davis from Comcast about building secure tech from the start...


 October 24, 2023  28m

episode 1934: AI ain’t misbehavin’, except when it does. Also, privateers and hacktivist auxiliaries get busy.

Teaching AI to misbehave. Ransomware's effect on healthcare downtime. Two reports on the state of cybersecurity in the financial services sector. Possible connections between Hamas and Quds Force. Ukrainian cyber authorities report a rise in privateering Smokeloader attacks. Russian hacktivist auxiliaries strike Czech targets. My conversation with Sherrod DeGrippo, host of The Microsoft Threat Intelligence Podcast. Jay Bhalodia from Microsoft Federal shares insights on multi-cloud security...


 October 25, 2023  30m

episode 1935: Some intelligence services understand the value of being underestimated.

StripedFly gets reclassified. YoroTrooper is interested in the Commonwealth of Independent States. The current state of DDoS attacks. Ukrainian hacktivists deface Russian artists' Spotify pages. Trolls amplify a Musky meme. In our Industry Voices segment, Matt Howard from Virtru explains securing data at the employee edge. Our guest is Seth Blank from Valimail, to discuss email security and DMARC. And while trolls might like Mr.Musk, the crooks heart Mr. Gosling...


 October 26, 2023  30m

episode 1936: Social engineering as a blunt instrument–almost like swatting without the middleman.

Eastern European gangs overcome their reservations about working with anglophone criminals. Mirth Connect is vulnerable to a critical flaw. A look at a mercenary spyware strain. “PepsiCo” as phishbait. Ben Yelin explains the FCC’s renewed interest in Net Neutrality. Our guest is Wade Baker from the Cyentia Institute with insights on measuring risk. And Europol thinks police should take a good look at quantum computing and law enforcement...


 October 27, 2023  28m

episode 1937: Bringing AI up right–realizing its potential without its becoming a threat. (And how deepfakes might be an informational fleet-in-being.)

The Hive ransomware gang may be back, and rebranded. Coinminers exploit AWS IAM credentials. LockBit claims to have obtained sensitive information from Boeing. Ukrainian auxiliaries disrupt Internet service in Russian-occupied territory, while internet and telecoms are down in Gaza. Deepfakes have an effect even when they're not used. Joe Carrigan explains executive impersonations on social media...


 October 30, 2023  28m

episode 1938: What would it take to get you kids into a nice, late-model malware mealkit?

Malicious packages are found attached to NuGet. Russia will establish its own substitute for VirusTotal. Commodity tools empower low-grade Russian cybercriminals. Malware mealkits, and other notes from the cyber underground. Insights from a Cybersecurity workforce study. Mr Security Answer Person John Pescatore looks at MFA. Drew Rose from Living Security on the very scary human side of cyber attacks. And more details from President Biden’s Executive Order on artificial intelligence...


 October 31, 2023  26m

episode 1939: Hacktivism in two hybrid wars (with an excursus on gastropods).

The Hamas-Israel war continues to be marked by hacktivism. Arid Viper's exploitation of Arabic speaker's Android devices. Iran shows improved cyberespionage capabilities. A URL shortener in the C2C market. Taking down the Mozi botnet. Ransomware in healthcare. Two are Russians arrested on treason charges, accused of hacking for Ukraine. In our sponsored Industry Voices segment, Anna Belak from Sysdig shares a new threat framework for the cloud...


 November 1, 2023  28m