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episode 1970: A dark web take down.

The FBI takes down ALPHV/BlackCat. Comcast reveals breach of nearly 36 million Xfinity customers. Microsoft and Cyberspace Solarium Commission release water sector security report. Malware increasingly uses public infrastructure. Iran's Seedworm and its telco targets. QR code scams. Feds release joint analysis of 2022 election integrity. Joint advisory on Play ransomware group. In today’s Mr Security Answer Person, John Pescatore considers the risks of AI...


 December 19, 2023  35m

episode 1971: Leading the charge in cybercrime take downs.

Interpol leads cybercrime take downs. ALPHV/Blackcat is in a “tug of Tor” with the FBI.  The Senate confirms a new leader for Cyber Command and NSA. Rite Aid is banned from using facial recognition. CISA prepares a new approach to information sharing. Remote encryption of ransomware. CitrixBleed is exploited to access customer data. An update on the Kyivstar cyberattack. The Tallinn Mechanism solidifies Western support for Ukraine's cybersecurity...


 December 20, 2023  34m

episode 1972: Kingdom come, kingdom fall.

German officials take down a dark web market. Google patched zero-day. Terrapin attack targets SSL. A look at payment fraud. Agent Tesla is spreading through an old vulnerability. An iPhone thief explains his techniques. Ukrainian reprisals for Russia's Kyivstar attack. Israeli officials warn of data wipers. Rick Howard speaks with Scott Roberts of Interpress about Driving Intelligence with MITRE ATT&CK, and leveraging limited resources to build an evolving threat repository...


 December 21, 2023  27m

episode 1973: Sentenced to hospital detention.

A Lapsus$ hacker is sentenced to hospital detention. Online ads and phishing drain crypto wallets. Cyberespionage continues. LockBit and ALPHV say they want to form a ransomware cartel. The 8220 gang's cryptojacking. DarkGate RAT's propagation. The evolution of Bandook. A prominent title insurance company takes systems offline. Rick Howard speaks with guests John Goodman & Amanda Satterwhite of Accenture Federal Services about the launch of a public sector Cybersecurity Center of Excellence...


 December 22, 2023  29m