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episode 1953: On the eve of the holiday season, officials in many countries issue warnings and take action against cybercrime.

CISA issues joint Cybersecurity Advisory on Citrix Bleed. Law enforcement takes down "pig butchering" operations. Altman will return to OpenAI. Israeli honeypots deployed during the war. A renaissance in electronic warfare. And a response in the form of countermeasures. Ihab Shraim, Chief Technology Officer at CSC, shares how the growing popularity of AI is giving cybercriminals a new avenue to take advantage of some of the largest companies in the world. And online safety during the holidays...



episode 1954: Hacktivists assemble to attack Pennsylvania water utility.

Iranian hacktivists claim an attack on a Pennsylvania water utility. North Korea's increased attention to supply-chains. Rhysida's action against British and Chinese targets. Sandworm activity puts European power utilities on alert. Neanderthals and the Telekopye bot. Mirai-based botnet activity. Our guest is Chris Betz, the new CISO of AWS Security, with insights on the upcoming AWS re:Invent conference...



episode 1955: Hospitals on the hotplate after ransomware attacks.

Ransomware targets healthcare organizations. WildCard deploys SysJoker malware. DPRK cryptocurrency theft. The status of Ukraine's IT Army. A Russian news outlet unmasks Killmilk. Our Industry Insights guest today is Guy Bejerano, CEO and Co-Founder of SafeBreach, discussing risk reduction in action. And there’s discord on dark markets about large language models...



episode 1956: Major crackdown on international cybersecurity.

A major ransomware gang is taken down in an international sweep. CISA and the WaterISAC respond to the Aliquippa cyberattack. Attacks against infrastructure operators hit business systems. Qlik Sense installations are hit with Cactus ransomware. Researchers discover a Google Workspace vulnerability. A hacktivist auxiliary compromises a Russian media site...



episode 1957: Widespread exploitation of severe vulnerability in ownCloud.

Reports of a Critical Vulnerability in ownCloud. Sites serving bogus McAfee virus alerts. Japan’s space agency reports a breach. Okta revises the impact of their recent breach. Cryptomixer gets taken down in an international law enforcement operation. "SugarGh0st" RAT prospects targets in Uzbekistan and South Korea. NATO cyber exercise runs against the background of Russia's hybrid war...



episode 1958: Wyden blocks the senate vote.



episode 1959: Iran behind attacks on PLCs.

The US and Israel attribute attacks on PLCs to Iran. Agent Raccoon backdoors organizations on three continents. XDSpy is reported to be phishing the Russian defense sector. Trends in digital banking fraud. Repojacking Go module repositories. Ann Johnson from Afternoon Cyber Tea speaks with Lynn Dohm, executive director of WiCyS, about the power of diverse perspectives. And when it comes to security, don't look to the stars...



episode 1960: Sleeper malware denied at Sellafield nuclear site.

The UK Government's denial of a cyber incident at Sellafield. There’s been a surge in Iranian cyberattacks on US infrastructure. Misuse of Apple's lockdown mode, the mysterious AeroBlade's activities in aerospace, and a clever "Disney+" scam. Plus The latest application security trends, and a new cybersecurity futures study...



episode 1961: Push notifications pushing surveillance.

Governments target push notification metadata. Dissecting the latest GRU cyber activities. A look at  Russia's AI-powered Doppelgänger influence campaigns, and how cyber warfare is evolving beyond the battlefield. We've got updates on the Adobe ColdFusion vulnerability, the expanding 23andMe data breach, and insights into the financial impacts of ransomware...



episode 1962: New vulnerability packs a punch.

Unpacking LogoFAIL's threat to Windows and Linux. The US DHS's new healthcare cybersecurity strategy, and dual Russian influence campaigns. A look at supply chain risks, increased bot activity in retail, Meta's end-to-end encryption in Messenger and Android's Autospill vulnerability. On today’s Industry Voices segment, we welcome Todd Thorsen, CISO from CrashPlan, with insights on data resiliency. And the discovery of an alleged software 'kill switch' in Polish trains...