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episode 1727: Warnings on SentinelSneak. The rise of malicious XLLs. Updates from Russia’s hybrid war. An unusually loathsome campaign targets children.

SentinelSneak is out in the wild. XLLs for malware delivery. CERT-UA warns of attacks against the DELTA situational awareness system. FSB cyber operations against Ukraine. Trends in the cyber phases of Russia's hybrid war. Mr. Security Answer Person John Pescatore offers his sage wisdom. Microsoft’s Ann Johnson from Afternoon Cyber Tea speaks with Dr. Chenxi Wang from Rain Capital. And an unusually unpleasant sextortion campaign...


 December 20, 2022  24m

episode 1728: Developing a banking Trojan into a newer, more effective form. Cyberattacks on media outlets. Abuse of AWS Elastic IP transfer. Notes on the hybrid war. And cybercrooks are inspired by Breaking Bad.

The Godfather banking Trojan has deep roots in older code. FuboTV was disrupted around its World Cup coverage. The Guardian has been hit with an apparent ransomware attack. A threat actor abuses AWS Elastic IP transfer. Moldova may be receiving more Russian attention in cyberspace. CISA releases six industrial control system advisories. Ben Yelin looks at legislation addressing health care security. Our guest is Hugh Njemanze of Anomali with advice on preparing for the holiday break...


 December 21, 2022  27m

episode 1729: Online fraud, some targeting shoppers and investors, others going after e-commerce retailers. Updates on the cyber phases of Russia’s hybrid war.

The FBI warns of malicious advertising. A new gang makes an unwelcome appearance in the holiday season. Ukraine will receive more Starlink terminals after all. Cyber phases of the hybrid war: a view from Kyiv–the bears and their adjuncts are opportunistic agents of chaos. Caleb Barlow thinks boards of directors need to up their cyber security game. Our guest is AJ Nash from ZeroFox with a look at legislative restrictions on TikTok...


 December 22, 2022  28m

episode 1730: PolyVice and Royal ransomware make nuisances of themselves. US warns that KillNet can be expected to go after the healthcare sector. CISA’s plans for stakeholder engagement.

The Vice Society may be upping its marketing game. Royal ransomware may have a connection to Conti. Royal delivers ransom note by hacked printer. KillNet goes after healthcare. CISA's Stakeholder Engagement Strategic Plan. Adam Meyers from CrowdStrike looks at cyber espionage. Giulia Porter from RoboKiller does not want to talk to you about your car’s extended warranty. And holiday wishes to all...


 December 23, 2022  29m