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From their enclave in midtown Manhattan, Michael Moynihan (Vice), Matt Welch (Reason), and Kmele Foster (Freethink) dissect the news, interrogate guests, and question just about everything. The topics are broad, the insights are deep, and the jokes are off color. Reform the system, or burn it to the ground? They discuss... @wethefifth See for privacy and opt-out information.

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342 "Positively Apocalyptic, Momentarily Conspiratorial, Just Keep Doing the Thing"

  • Kmele at Hereticon
  • Fallibility vs. Fundamentalism
  • A Time to Choose
  • In Your Heart You Know He's Racist
  • Gerrymandering for Good
  • Credibility, Transparency
  • Ignoring Alex Jones
  • Arguing with Alex Jones
  • The One Thing Americans Agree On...
  • .....



341 w/ Matt Rosenberg (NYT) "A Coup'niversary, Domestic Lefty Neocons, Kidz n' Racecraft"

He's brilliant. He has a Pulitzer Prize, And he's totally jacked. New York Times reporter Matthew Rosenberg, who was at the Capitol on January 6, 2021 and could definitely kick your ass, joins the Fifth to reflect on the riot, coup, insurrection, revolution, putsch, mass hate crime...whatever you want to call it...



340 "Merry Kovid Kwanzaa, Madden the Death Merchant, the Flatbush Remonstrance"

  • A Covid Christmas
  • A Merry Kwanzaa
  • Before you eulogize the dead, I have stupid tweet you should consider
  • Matt sort of emptywheels Harry Reid
  • Planes, Trains, and superspreader events
  • Yes, there are no tests
  • The usual Covid frustrations
  • The Webb Hubbell telescope
  • The Memorial shutdown
  • The non-historians lecture us on history
  • Destroy the idols of Americanism
  • What on Earth is the Flatbush...



339 w/Rep. Peter Meijer - "The RINOvirus, Insurrection Deflection, DeSantis Claus's Xmas Miracle!"

Back for his third (we think?) visit, the scourge of crackpots and charlatans, America's greatest ginger, and our favorite congressman...Rep...


 2021-12-17  2h10m

338 "Jussie's Truth, Putin's NATO, China's Games"

Jussie Smollett's years-long legal drama careening toward its conclusion. New York City enacts the countries most expansive (and ill-conceived) COVID restrictions. While the Biden Administration sends diplomatic shots at Xi in China and navigates an increasingly tumultuous situation with Putin in Russia...


 2021-12-10  1h54m

337 w/ Steve Kornacki "Virginia is for Republicans, Dukakis's Carcasses, Waukesha Restraint"

Joining us for his third appearance on the Fifth, one of the sexiest men on planet Earth, the man with his own cam, the smartest and least partisan person on cable news...Massachusetts's own Steve Kornacki!

  • Thank you North Dakota roughnecks
  • The dust clears in VA and NJ.....


 2021-11-26  1h42m

336 w/ Jonathan Adler "Bannon, Rittenhouse, and the Courts"

w/ Jonathan Adler, Johan Verheij Memorial Professor of Law @ Case Western Reserve University

- Three Stacks

- Kanye ♥️ Drake

- Steve Bannon's Day in Court

- Google That

- Hurry Up, Charge Him!

- Black Panthers, Communist and MAGA Corps (Oh, My)

- Seeing What We Want

- Rittenhouse Rorschach

- (Still More) Media Malpractice

Recorded: November 17th, 2021

Published: November 19th, 2021

 2021-11-19  1h54m

335 "Assata Shakur Elementary School-- Class of 2021"

  • Way Too Sexy
  • Crypto Art
  • Miss Universe (Can Get It)
  • Fifth Coin
  • "A Bad Gal Dat"
  • Palliative Journalism
  • Virginia is for Hustlers
  • The Trouble w/ Complicated
  • Was Rufo Right? (No)
  • We're Very Sorry (But We Keepin Your Stuff)
  • Map Makers + Freak Shows

Recorded: 11/5/21

Published: 11/7/21

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 2021-11-07  1h43m

334 w/ Zaid Jilani "Jeff Toobin, Fapping Antifascist; The Terror Parents of Northern Virginia; A Bad Bisexual in a Bad Vest"

w/ Zaid Jilani, former reporter at The Intercept and current substacker (inquiremore...


 2021-10-28  1h42m

333 w/ Ethan Strauss "Locker Room Culture Wars, When Jokes Are Pretty Much Murder"

w/ Ethan Strauss, (HNIC @ "House of Strauss" / Substack)

  • Enemy of the Syntax
  • Ethiopian Royalty
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall
  • Leaving the Athletic
  • Not Just for Sports Fans
  • Breaking for Black Bodies
  • NBA Vax Mandates
  • Obama Decides to Be Black
  • "Racist" Emails
  • Moynihan's First Job
  • Double 0' Sistas
  • Jokes that Kill (But Not Actually)

Recorded: 10/16/21



 2021-10-16  1h48m