The Goblin's Corner

Professional GMs Eric Holden & Matt Staples talk gaming, storytelling and more. Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of Dungeons & Dragons (or other table top RPGs), a gaming pro, or somewhere in between, you can be assured to learn something that will make your game more interesting, engaging, and most of all fun.

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episode 25: Stupid Monsters: Ludicrous Bestiary Volume 1

Whereupon we wish you a wonderful holiday season by spawning six unusual monsters from our silly brains, for whatever tabletop game you happen to be playing. Spice up your serious roleplaying game with some definitely NOT serious creatures.


 2020-12-21  46m

episode 24: Being A Bastard: Building Better Traps

Whereupon we summon our inner diabolical tendencies to give you, our dear listener, the means to create better, more dastardly traps for your game. GMs, don't worry if you start cackling madly while's perfectly natural.


 2020-12-14  1h8m

episode 23: Guards! Guards!

Whereupon we determine how to enrich your game world (and player enjoyment) with effective use of the law, and law enforcement. Tired of one dimensional city cops, enforcers, guards, and mercenaries? We have the answer right here.


 2020-12-07  53m

episode 22: Alignment: Pros & Cons

Whereupon we dredge our brains and spill a vast, briny pool of knowledge concerning alignment; why it's useful in game settings and how it can hinder both players and storytellers alike. Start paddling, it's about to get deep.


 2020-11-30  1h11m

episode 21: Drinking At The Table

Whereupon we bestow sacred words of wisdom in consuming beverages before, during and after a table top role playing game. We also share drink recipes, and give a couple of themes for the aspiring GM or host to get players in the proper mindset for gaming.


 2020-11-23  51m

episode 20: City Building

Whereupon we put on our professor hats and give you, the listener, vast knowledge on how to build a living, breathing, interesting city for your game and your player characters. Grab a notepad kids, there will be a test later.


 2020-11-16  1h16m

episode 19: Old Dogs, New Tricks

Whereupon we bring you some tried and tested techniques to get your stubborn players to venture into playing different kinds of tabletop games. Remember kids, variety is the Melange of life.


 2020-11-09  38m

episode 18: Fun Card Games

Whereupon we diverge a bit and bring you up to speed on several card games you should be playing. Five wonderful, fun games hand selected for playability, storytelling aspects and the capacity to irritate your friends.


 2020-11-02  1h1m

episode 17: Halloween Review: Ten Candles

In their final game review for the 5 part Halloween horror series, Eric & Matt explore the seriously creepy world of Ten Candles. Happy Halloween everyone!


 2020-10-31  24m

episode 16: Halloween Review: Shadow of the Demon Lord

In our part 4 of 5 series for Halloween, Eric & Matt review the darkly rich game Shadow of the Demon Lord, while Eric drops gratuitous F-bombs in his excitement. Also, there's another amazing monster from the crew at Eldritch Dream Games.


 2020-10-30  30m