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episode 81: The future of gaming, Web3 and the metaverse

This episode is with Aleksandr (‘Shurick’) Agapitov, the founder, CEO, and the man behind the multibillion-dollar gaming payment enterprise Xsolla which is used by Epic Games, Ubisoft, Twitch and hundreds more. We talk about the future of gaming, the metaverse, Facebook, Web3 and what changes we can expect to see in the next 5-8 years.



episode 80: How a lawyer built 8 million followers on YouTube and TikTok

Michael Mandell - the #1 lawyer on social media with more than 6.5 million followers on TikTok, 1.25 million followers on YouTube, and hundreds of thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram. In this episode we talk about how he was able to build up such a big following on YouTube and TikTok for what is considered a more traditional, legacy (and boring) industry.


 2022-06-03  54m

Redefining career development in a remote-first world

This episode is with Julie Winkle Giulioni - author of the international bestseller - Help Them Grow or Watch them Go, and one of Inc Magazine’s Top 100 Leadership Speakers. In this episode we talk about her latest book - Promotions Are So Yesterday - Redefine Career Development and Help Employees Thrive.


 2022-05-20  58m

episode 78: How to out-pitch your competition

This episode is with Bob Wiesner - Managing Partner at The Artemis Partnership, author of 'Winning is Better' and known as the ‘pitch doctor’ because of his approach to winning pitches. He’s advised on over 400 transactions in the last 25 years and his clients include companies like KPMG, Deloitte and JP Morgan Chase, and top firms in advertising, accounting, architecture, engineering, consulting, law and investment banking...


 2022-05-06  50m

How to get more meetings, win more pitches & close more deals

This episode is with Oren Klaff - one of the world’s leading experts on sales, raising capital and negotiation. He’s the bestselling author of Pitch Anything and Flip The Script, and he’s the Director of Capital Markets at Intersection Capital, where they advise companies seeking to raise capital, with more than $1B in recent transaction volume. In this episode we talk about how to get more meetings, win more pitches and close more deals.


 2022-04-13  1h1m

episode 76: How to grow your people to grow your company

This episode is with Whitney Johnson - CEO of Disruption Advisors and one of the 10 leading business thinkers in the world as named by Thinkers50. She’s an award-winning author, a world-class keynote speaker, and an executive coach and advisor to CEOs. In this episode we talk about the concepts in her latest book - Smart Growth: How to grow your people to grow your company...


 2022-03-28  53m

episode 75: How to raise money from VC funds

This episode is with Niki Scevak - co-founder and partner at Blackbird Ventures, one of Australia’s leading VC funds, turning $1.2B invested since 2013 into a portfolio valued at $10B with investments including Canva, SafetyCulture and Eucalyptus...


 2022-03-14  59m

episode 74: How to use NFTs to fund creative projects

This episode is with Julie Pacino - photographer, filmmaker, and who recently funded her new film ‘I Live Here Now’ through NFTs, with primary sales coming in at $1m and generating an additional $480k through secondary sales so far. In this episode we talk about how to use NFTs to fund creative projects, talking through the process that Julie went through to raise money for her new film.


 2022-03-04  53m

episode 74: How to build a great relationship with your significant other when you’re working from home

This episode is with John Gray - best selling author, relationship expert and author of the #1 selling book - Men Are from Mars, Women are from Venus. In this episode we talk about how to build a great relationship with your partner at home so you can perform at your optimum when you're at work, even if you're working from home.


 2022-01-14  36m

episode 73: How to use biohacking to achieve peak performance

This episode is with Dave Asprey - Founder at Bulletproof, four-time New York Times bestselling author, and known as the father of biohacking. In this episode we talk about how to use biohacking to achieve peak performance.


 2022-01-07  1h3m