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A daily breakdown of the latest story lines, trends, and important developments in the NBA. We promise to keep the Sixers and Celtics discussion to a reasonable amount … or to at least try.

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episode 543: The NBA’s Replay Review System Is Flawed. So Do the Rockets Have a Point? | The Mismatch

We discuss the James Harden dunk that wasn’t counted in the Houston Rockets’ double-overtime loss to the San Antonio Spurs (1:21). Are the Rockets right to file a complaint in the hope that it will point out a flaw in the replay review system? Plus: what Zion will look like when he returns (26:09), David Fizdale’s clock is ticking (32:11), and LaMelo Ball’s chances at going first overall in the NBA draft (38:10). Hosts: Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor



episode 542: Does the NBA Have a TV Ratings Problem? | Group Chat

We take a look at the Rockets protesting their loss to the Spurs (2:00) and discuss the NBA’s plummeting ratings (14:00). Then Jonathan Tjarks joins the show to compare team power ranking tiers (29:30).   Hosts: Chris Ryan and Justin Verrier Guest: Jonathan Tjarks



episode 541: Giannis, Harden, and Luka Have Broken PER. Plus: Are the Raptors the 1993-94 Bulls? | The Mismatch

The high-usage superstars of the league have all become so dominant and efficient that they’re in line to break historical PER records. Do we need to adjust the record books to reflect the 3-point era (3:00)? Plus: The Pacers have righted the ship while the Jazz haven’t, and the Raptors are more legitimate than anyone could’ve predicted (18:30). Hosts: Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor



episode 540: The Ceiling For the Clippers, Nets Momentum without Irving, and Love Chokes | Heat Check

Instant Replay (03:16): The Clippers and Raptors had wonderful games with no signs of slowing down. Also, James Harden had a moment. The Main Event (21:25): The gang looks closely at the Nets in Kyrie Irving’s absence and his inevitable return. Brooklyn seems to be doing just fine without him. Will he be hindering them or putting more gas in the tank? Good Call/Bad Call (32:23): The Bulls' optimism through movie quotes, love chokes in Philly, and cussing in Boston...



episode 539: A Thanksgiving NBA Mailbag! | Group Chat

The ‘Group Chat’ crew answers questions from you, the listeners! Topics include: the biggest “pretender” team, help for Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks, the 25-and-under power ranking, realistic midseason trades, and more. Host: Justin Verrier Guest: Jonathan Tjarks



episode 538: The NBA’s Radical Proposed Schedule Shakeups. Plus: Is Giannis as Big a Star as He Deserves to Be? | The Mismatch

We break down the ins and outs of the proposed changes to the NBA schedule, including playoff reseeding, the midseason tournament, and more (2:00). Then, we talk about the NBA’s dip in TV ratings this year, wondering whether it has anything to do with the Western Conference's being loaded and a dearth of Eastern Conference stars (33:51). Hosts: Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor



episode 537: Big League Changes, the Spurs' Surprise Victory, and Crazy Jersey Choices | Heat Check

Instant Replay: The Spurs and the Bulls pull one out of the hat, along with Jimmy Butler returning to Philly to an irate crowd! (03:43). The Main Event: Zach Kram breaks down new changes to the NBA that could have a drastic effect on the playoffs, finals, and beyond (17:21). Good Call/Bad Call: More Jersey redesigns even wilder than the last (29:20).   Host: John Gonzalez Guests: Haley O’Shaughnessy, Dan Devine, Zach Kram



episode 536: Brandon Ingram Is Better Than Ben Simmons | The Mismatch

Brandon Ingram Is Better Than Ben Simmons | The MismatchWe talk about the Celtics' versatility, including Kemba Walker's range on and off the court (02:07), dive into how Brandon Ingram is the driving force making the Pelicans viable while Zion is injured (07:02), and ask whether Pascal Siakam is a legitimate no. 1 option (26:12). Hosts: Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor



episode 535: Carmelo Is Back, and He's the Same As Ever. Plus: Luka, Harden, LeBron, and Giannis Tangle for MVP Front-runner | Group Chat

We dive deep on the Blazers' roster building and how it created a need for Carmelo Anthony just two months into the season (1:16). Then, Jonathan Tjarks joins the pod to discuss Luka Doncic’s gaudy box scores, James Harden being a 6-foot-5 Wilt Chamberlain, LeBron and Anthony Davis sharing the MVP narrative, and Giannis representing the Eastern Conference (19:05). Hosts: Chris Ryan, Justin Verrier Guest: Jonathan Tjarks



episode 534: Should the Spurs Trade DeMar DeRozan and LaMarcus Aldridge? | The Mismatch

We discuss Luka Doncic’s incredible start to the season, including his run of triple-doubles and how it compares to Russell Westbrook's (1:31), before having a knock-down, drag-out argument about whether the Spurs should blow up their older core and try to rebuild around younger players on their roster (20:28)...