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Les Likes Anime Now

It is a momentous episode for the TV Dudes as Les discovers that he likes anime now! Well, at least one anime, as we talk about 'Transformers: War for Cybertron' on NETFLIX. We're also checking in on 'Umbrella Academy' Season 2 on NETFLIX and the...



Secondary Lookings

This week, it's time for a second look at 'Kill La Kill', at Peacock's initial offerings with 'Brave New World', 'The Capture', and 'Psych 2', plus... the return of Quibi Qorner! 'Die Hart' drew us back in, and Randy dove down the rabbit hole to...



Scott Alda Coffey, 'The Outpost' - The TV Dudes Interview

This week, Les chats with actor Scott Alda Coffey about his role in 'The Outpost', clowning around, family and more! Check it out! #blacklivesmatter The TV Dudes encourage you to donate to Black Lives Matter, the ACLU Civil Liberties Fund, or another...




Did y'all know there's a new streaming network? And '30 Rock' is back? Somehow neither of those things are great news! We also have our first look at 'Kill La Kill' for our Patron Mandy, and... it's anime, and we have thoughts. Also, as a bonus, we've...



The Halfway Point

A Ramen Noodle Packet (at best)




Come on down! It's a game show edition of TV Dudes, inspired by our game show lover, Mr. Kyle Scott. We're gonna talk Netflix's new 'Floor is Lava', and a variety of network game shows on HULU including 'Ultimate Tag', 'Holey Moley', 'Press Your...


 2020-07-10  1h11m

Abigail Shapiro, 'Doom Patrol' - The TV Dudes Interview

This week, Les chats with actress Abigail Shapiro about her role as Dorothy Spinner on 'Doom Patrol', her experience on Broadway, and more! Check it out!  


 2020-07-07  17m

Lisa Linke, 'Bless This Mess' - The TV Dudes Interview

This week, Les chats with actress, writer, and comedian Lisa Linke. You may know her from 'Bless This Mess', 'Teachers' and much more. We chat about current events, her career, satire in 2020, and more! Check it out! #blacklivesmatter The TV Dudes...


 2020-07-03  28m


We're overstuffed with content this week! We're revisiting 'Stargirl' on CW and 'McMillions' on HBO, and checking in on 'Disney Gallery The Mandalorian' on Disney+, and '#BlackAF' on Netflix. And after that, we're tackling a bunch of content from HBO,...


 2020-07-03  1h18m

TV Dudes Mixtape

We've got a mixtape of shows this week! Charles Armstrong took advantage of our Showrunner level Patreon, which means he gets to pick another show for us to discuss, and that show is NETFLIX's 'Hip-Hop Evolution'! Which pairs nicely with the 'Beastie...


 2020-06-26  1h7m