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Two Austin therapists and their world-recognized guest experts break down modern attachment, relational neuroscience and trauma in a challenging but entertaining format designed to keep you off unconscious autopilot and moving towards closer connections. Find us at

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episode 139: Boys and Sex: Modern Young Men and Sexuality with Peggy Orenstein

Discover shifts in young adult sexual behavior in this interview with New York Times best-selling author, Peggy Orenstein


 December 13, 2020  58m

episode 140: Couples Therapy Through the Eyes of Experts: Ellyn Bader and Peter Pearson

Common pitfalls in being a couple, and for therapists, for treating couples


 February 1, 2021  54m

episode 141: How We Become the Persons We Are Dr. Alan Sroufe, Attachment Through the Lifespan

Alan Sroufe discusses A Compelling Idea, How We Become the Person's We Are (2020), his new book summarizing lifespan attachment research.


 February 15, 2021  1h2m

episode 142: Trauma-informed Therapy with Children, guest Robyn Gobbel

Harness the power of neuroscience to heal. Anyone needing to manage dysregulation - theirs or others - will gain from them espisode.


 March 10, 2021  53m

episode 143: Fear of Abandonment and Narcissism with Dr. Ramani Durvasula

Strengthen your boundaries with self-involved personalities by tuning in here.


 March 30, 2021  49m

episode 144: The Case of Feli, an Awkward Goose (for the Awkward Among Us)

Overcoming fear to gain connection


 April 12, 2021  15m

episode 145: Class, Culture, Race & Attachment, A Re-examination

Implicit bias in attachment science, how it affects our views of healthy secure human relating


 April 27, 2021  44m

episode 146: Behind the Scenes in Therapy with Lori Gottlieb

Find out the essence of what therapy really is, and debunk myths and mysteries about your therapist. (Well, ok, therapists in general :)


 May 17, 2021  27m

episode 147: Body-Focused Therapy with Dr. Robert Coffman

Integrating the body to heal the mind, attachment and neuroscience in action


 June 1, 2021  1h14m

episode 148: Emotionally-Focused Therapy & Polyvagal Theory with Camille Scent

Today's episode dives into a specific form of healing relationships, Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT). Co-host Sue Marriott talks with therapist Camille Scent about Sue Johnson's widely-respected treatment model.


 June 25, 2021  58m