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Two Austin therapists and their world-recognized guest experts break down modern attachment, relational neuroscience and trauma in a challenging but entertaining format designed to keep you off unconscious autopilot and moving towards closer connections. Find us at

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episode 13: Disorganized Attachment, It’s Not Crazy; It’s a Solution to an Unsolvable Problem –- REPLAY

Unresolved / disorganized attachment is the least understood set of strategies in the attachment landscape - let's debunk myths and get a real sense of what it feels like


 October 26, 2021  38m

episode 130: The Deep Biology of Love - Oxytocin Unpacked, with Research Pioneer Dr. Sue Carter

Learn how oxytocin and vassopressin heal and protect us, and how to increase it in your lives..


 September 8, 2020  1h12m

episode 131: Strange Situation: Surprising Attachment Science Uncovered with Bethany Saltman

Attachment brought to life - learn more about the essence of what they found in the original science.


 September 22, 2020  1h1m

episode 132: Crisis Exhaustion - Hang in There, it's Eventually Going to Be OK...with Sue Marriott and Ann Kelley

Together we can protect our hearts from freezing in bitterness, drowning in sorrow, lashing out in justified rage or worse, disconnecting.  


 October 8, 2020  31m

episode 132: Holding Your Own 1: Messy but Secure Relating

Holding Your Own with Challenging Personalities - staying secure in relationship with those high in narcissistic, borderline or anti-social traits.


 October 26, 2020  34m

episode 133: Holding Your Own 2: Grandiose Narcissism has Met it's Match

Second in a series of staying secure in relationship to challenging personalities.


 November 2, 2020  51m

episode 134: Holding Your Own Session 3 - Covert Narcissism (3rd in a Series)

Holding your own with challenging personalities - staying secure in relation with those high in narcissism (and breaking down the 3 types), "borderline" dynamics and anti-social personality traits. This is session 3 in the series,


 November 10, 2020  35m

episode 135: Holding Your Own 3: "Borderline" traits Session 4

For those in close relationships with highly reactive, colorful, carbonated folks - this is for you.


 November 18, 2020  43m

episode 137: Malignant Narcissism, Why We Elect Excuse & Love them (Holding Your Own session 5)

Understand where self involvement crosses the line into true psychopathology.


 November 30, 2020  39m

episode 138: What if you are the difficult one? Holding your own with Challenging Personalities (Series 6 of 6)

Grow secure-functioning relationships even if it's you that can be the biggest pain in the rear.


 December 10, 2020  1h5m