Autism is my super blessing! I'm a high-school valedictorian, college graduate, world traveler, disability advocate. I'm a Unitarian Universalist. I'm a Progressive Liberal. I'm about equal rights, human rights, civil & political rights, & economic, social, &cultural rights. I do servant leadership, boundless optimism, & Oneness/Wholeness. I'm good naked & unashamed! I love positive personhood, love your neighbor as yourself, and do no harm! I'm also appropriately inappropriate! My self-ratings: NC-17, XXX, X, X18+ & TV-MA means empathy! I publish shows at 11am! Support this podcast:

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episode 93: Christian Atrocities: Three Centuries of Pagan Persecution

Links: and,and%20persecution%20toward%20all%20dissenters%20from%20its%20creed. and https://www.huffpost...


 March 5, 2022  1h18m

episode 95: I practice non-religious Christlikeness instead of Pious Christianity

My values:

Brief reflections on each of the seven principles taken from the statements of various UU ministers in The Seven Principles in Word and Worship (ed. Ellen Brandenburg) add a greater understanding of their depth.

  1. “Reverence and respect for human nature is at the core of Unitarian Universalist faith. We believe that all the dimensions of our being carry the potential to do good.”
  2. “Justice, equity, and compassion in human relations points us toward …...


 March 5, 2022  1h54m

episode 96: Dispel sex myths

"1. ‘Sow Your Wild Oats’

This one is also known as “View sex as a conquest, and have sex with as many partners as you possibly can.”

Somewhere in our early twenties, my friend reached out to his dad for some advice about women and relationships. His dad told him that his twenties were not a time to be “tied down” and that he should “sow his wild oats...


 March 6, 2022  1h35m

episode 97: 7 Things We Need to Stop Saying to People Taking Anti-Depressants

"1. “If I were depressed, I would never go on anti-depressants.”

Are you depressed? Nope?


Don’t put yourself into shoes you’ve never worn.

2. “Anti-depressants should really just be a last resort.”

Wow! You must be a mental health expert! Oh wait, you aren’t. (Unless you are, but most people who are would never say this.) So maybe stop acting like you know what’s best for other people...


 March 6, 2022  11m

episode 98: The Church has failed the people! Why is pure evil so attractive to them? Why do they try their best to be the cult of Satan?

"Years ago ― well everything is years ago now ― I helped my father-in-law start a church. One day, the infant of one of our church families died suddenly. It was ruled as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Weeks after the death, the grieving father came to my father-in-law and confessed that he had shaken the baby to death. My father-in-law came to me and asked what he should do since the man told him this in confidence. I told him he had to report it to the police...


 March 8, 2022  47m

episode 99: If Your Goal In Therapy Is To ‘be Happy,’ You Might Want To Rethink That. Here’s Why.

"When I first walked into a therapist’s office when I was 18-years-old, I had one goal and one goal only: “I just want to be happy,” I said.

Up until that point, I couldn’t really remember what that felt like. I didn’t know at the time that I had obsessive-compulsive disorder (as it turns out, it runs in the family) and that my near-constant state of guilt, panic, and rumination wasn’t actually the way most brains operate...


 March 9, 2022  22m

episode 100: My holistic secular spirituality

"In the entire first Christian century Jesus is not mentioned by a single Greek or Roman historian, religion scholar, politician, philosopher or poet. His name never occurs in a single inscription, and it is never found in a single piece of private correspondence. Zero! Zip references." New Testament scholar Bart Erhman

"I don’t hate the flesh and blood Jesus who walked the dusty roads of Palestine, nor do I hate the Jesus found in the pages of the Bible...


 March 10, 2022  56m