Autism is my super blessing! I'm a high-school valedictorian, college graduate, world traveler, disability advocate. I'm a Unitarian Universalist. I'm a Progressive Liberal. I'm about equal rights, human rights, civil & political rights, & economic, social, &cultural rights. I do servant leadership, boundless optimism, & Oneness/Wholeness. I'm good naked & unashamed! I love positive personhood, love your neighbor as yourself, and do no harm! I'm also appropriately inappropriate! My self-ratings: NC-17, XXX, X, X18+ & TV-MA means empathy! I publish shows at 11am! Support this podcast:

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episode 83: I’m taking a permanent hiatus from doing Jesus episodes

“Doubt as a path towards (deeper) belief lies at the heart of the story of Saint Thomas the Apostle. Note in this respect the theological views of Georg Hermes: ... the starting-point and chief principle of every science, and hence of theology also, is not only methodical doubt, but positive doubt...


 November 16, 2023  1h10m

episode 84: I am taking a permanent hiatus from discussing nonbelievers and unbelievers

“There is a widespread cross-cultural stereotype suggesting that atheists are untrustworthy and lack a moral compass. Is there any truth to this notion?” opens a new paper published in PLOS One, investigating the relationship between moral values and religious belief or disbelief. The paper describes the results of four surveys of 4,622 atheists and theists across America and Sweden, examining the relationship between religious belief – or lack thereof – and moral values...


 November 17, 2023  1h9m

episode 85: I am taking a permanent hiatus from discussing porn

“Film-maker and previous award-winner Erika Lust hosted a talk and Q&A event at the awards, as she also had several films nominated this year. Lust sees her work in opposition to that of the mainstream, and wants to offer other ways of filming sex. Too often the films offer a weak setting and storyline before focussing on the sex, and one kind of sex at that. “Mainstream porn lacks creativity and a narrative...


 November 17, 2023  2h3m

episode 86: I am taking a permanent hiatus from doing episodes of constructive critiques of the church

“1) They threw aside God’s commandments and made the commandments of men and traditions into doctrines. (Mark 7:7-9). (2) They were more concerned with outer purity rather than the purity of the heart. Jesus said that they cleaned the inside of the cup but inside their hearts were full of wickedness! (See Luke 11:39; Matt. 23:25, 27, 28). (3) They tithed on herbs which is good but more important matters like justice and the love for God were overlooked. (See Luke 11:32; Matt. 23:23,24)...


 November 18, 2023  1h1m

episode 87: My permanent hiatus from discussing religion as a whole

“Spiritual but not religious" (SBNR), also known as "spiritual but not affiliated" (SBNA), or less commonly "more spiritual than religious" is a popular phrase and initialism used to self-identify a life stance of spirituality that does not regard organized religion as the sole or most valuable means of furthering spiritual growth...


 November 18, 2023  44m

episode 88: My permanent hiatus from discussing my church experiences

“1. A Hunger for Power & Dominance Both sociopaths and psychopaths are commonly found at the head of corporations, governments, and in positions of great power. This may be no coincidence. Sociopaths have a tendency to be power-hungry and may spend a lot of time and effort attaining positions where they can control, dominate, and have authority over others.2 Once they obtain power, they commonly misuse and abuse it in ways that are irresponsible, destructive, and harmful to others. 2...


 November 20, 2023  1h56m

episode 89: My permanent hiatus from discussing my Biblical concerns

“The followers of John Wycliffe undertook the first complete English translations of the Christian scriptures in the 14th century. These translations were banned in 1409 due to their association with the Lollards.[33] The Wycliffe Bible pre-dated the printing press but it was circulated very widely in manuscript form, often inscribed with a date which was earlier than 1409 in order to avoid the legal ban...


 November 20, 2023  1h18m

episode 90: Sexual assertiveness techniques part 1

“4. You're not counting. Whether you're doing it a few times a week or once a month, focusing on a number isn't a great way to assess your sex life, says Kristin Zeising, PsyD, a certified sex therapist in San Diego. In a study published in the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, researchers randomly assigned couples to double the number of times they had sex. Compared to a control group that went about their lives as normal, those who did the deed more weren't any happier...


 November 21, 2023  30m

episode 91: Sexual assertiveness techniques part 2 (my permanent hiatus from discussing sex episodes)

“Who can benefit? You actually can’t access a partner surrogate without already having a licensed therapist, according to Shattuck. So generally, he says, “someone who begins working with a partner surrogate has already been in sex therapy for a few months or few years and still has a lot of work to do around feeling comfortable with sex, intimacy, dating, and their body...


 November 22, 2023  44m

episode 92: I’m taking a permanent hiatus from discussing porn and adult content episodes (11/23/2024)

“People with autism may stim for the following reasons: As a form of enjoyment As an attempt to gain sensory input, e.g., rocking may be a way to stimulate the vestibular (balance) system, whereas hand-flapping may provide visual stimulation As an attempt to reduce sensory input, such as only making one sound to reduce the impact of a loud, distressing environment. This may particularly be seen in social situations...


 November 24, 2023  44m