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Tom Peters On His Most Inspired Work Searching For Excellence

Being excellent in everything helps you stand out, but how can you be excellent with everything as a leader? In this episode, Tom Peters, the co-author of Tom Peters’ Compact Guide To Excellence, sits with Mitch Russo to provide insights that could help us take the path in search of excellence. As inflation is still peaking, Tom shares what it means to become a long-term investor. He argues that business leaders should focus on the betterment of society...


 2022-09-23  30m

The Greatest (And Oldest) Marketing Idea: Building Referrals Through Books With Steve Gordon

A business only thrives when they are serving more people. And a good leader recognizes this. Our guest, Steve Gordon, is all too familiar with this. When he was a newly minted CEO at 28 years old, he took on the problem of finding a way to get new clients. This led him to discover the best practices and a secret weapon businesses can use to build relationships and multiply revenue by 10x. In this episode, he reveals the greatest marketing idea—and it's not as new as we expect it to be...


 2022-09-16  36m

The Subconscious Mind: The Power To Unlock Your Future Success With Brian Dalmaso

They say that mindset is the key to success, but what does that actually mean, and how can it translate into practical, actionable steps? In today’s episode, Brian Dalmaso precisely defines the concept of mindset as the subconscious mind. Brian is CEO of Matrix Success Network. He joins Mitch Russo to discuss ways to reprogram your mind to achieve better results. It starts by understanding that the conscious mind, subconscious mind, and the body are integral yet separate parts...


 2022-09-09  39m

How To Price Your Product Properly With The Price Whisperer, Per Sjofors

Pricing is very important to your business's profitability and brand. You really need to know your market in order to price your product efficiently. Do your paid research, find your differentiators, and start maximizing your profitability. Join Mitch Russo as he talks to the Price Whisperer, Per Sjofors about the importance of properly pricing your product. Per is the founder and CEO of Sjöfors & Partners, Inc. He is also the author of The Price Whisperer...


 2022-08-12  36m

The Nexus Revolution, Part 2: Creating A Challenge With Colin Cantrell And Phillip Lee

The first part of Nexus Revolution talks about the technical and social implications of the Nexus system in the crypto world. As we dive further down the rabbit hole, our guests Colin Cantrell and Phillip Lee walk us through the application and discuss how we can set challenges in the app. They guide us through the daily personal journal, weekly challenge organization, and coaches corner...


 2022-08-11  40m

The Nexus Revolution, Part 1: The Technical Foundation Of The Nexus System With Colin Cantrell And Phillip Lee

Are you sick of living in a centralized world wherein the person in power siphons all the money, and all you get is a tiny portion of what you have mined? In the mining industry, there is a way that allows us to do service where everyone can benefit equally through programming the currency to distribute profits as you will through decentralization. In this episode, we dive even deeper into decentralization with Colin Cantrell, the founder of Nexus, and his associate, Phillip Lee...


 2022-08-11  51m

From Employee To Employer And Leader: Harnessing Effective Communication With Richard Blank

Communication is key in every business, especially when done over the phone. If you are looking for ways to improve your communication skills and lock in those pitches, this is the podcast for you. In this episode, Richard Blank, CEO of Costa Rica's Call Center, runs through the process of prospecting and how you can build your vocabulary, actively listen, use the right tone of voice, and match the pitch and mood of your client...


 2022-08-05  45m

Achieving Work-Life Balance As Entrepreneurs In A Stressful World With Dave Valentine

As an entrepreneur, you are no stranger to stress, anxiety, and burnout. From managing a business to dealing with personal issues, you constantly juggle multiple balls in the air. That said, finding a way to balance your life in a stressful world is important. And that is what Dave Valentine, Chief Executive Officer at Avadel Agency, shares with Mitch Russo today...


 2022-08-05  41m

Exponential Thinking: How To Rapidly Advance In The Market With Aaron Bare

Taking big leaps when trying to get to a goal is tricky. One cannot learn the workaround of something unless they learn it piece by piece. Today, Mitch Russo is joined by Aaron Bare, a strategic facilitator who helps companies and leaders become innovative, exponential, and grow their mindset. His book, Exponential Theory: The Power of Thinking Big, provides the ten keys of exponential leadership to solving climate changes, social imbalances, and other problems present...


 2022-05-27  39m

How To Overcome Self Doubt With Mario Lanzarotti

Many people are so excited to give entrepreneurship a try. That’s until they realize it’s harder than it seems. What’s holding them back? Self-doubt is definitely a big one on the list. It is so common that people even have slightly more dramatic name for it – imposter syndrome. Freedom Architect Mario Lazarotti has a solution...


 2022-05-06  36m