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Value Creation: The M.I.N.D. System To Success With Lee Benson

How much value do you have for yourself? In this episode, Lee Benson, the author of the Your Most Important Number, dives into the M.I.N.D. System and how to utilize it for success. The most important drive becomes a north star that will empower everyone in your team and improves your number. The MIND methodology takes the lens of improvement in every decision and action. Learn to leverage value creation and be thoughtful of your team members to create their goals...


 May 22, 2023  1h4m

The Scientific Method Of Selling: Stop Closing And Start Selling With Jeremy Miner

What's the best thing to do when your sales are declining? Learn from Jeremy Miner, the CEO of 7th Level Communications, as he breaks down the scientific method of selling to help tune your sales process! In this conversation with Mitch Russo, he explains why every salesperson should practice the ABDS of Selling, helping you to stop closing and start making incredible sales! Don't miss out on this episode and extract wisdom from Jeremy Miner to help grow...


 January 6, 2023  32m

Selling Hard Lessons With Alec Burlakoff

Alec Burlakoff was once the Vice President of Sales of a pharmaceutical company, but this position landed him in prison. He has gathered everything he learned from his life behind bars in his book, Selling Hard Lessons. Join Mitch Russo as he talks with Alec about his time in prison. He opens up on what too much greed can do to you and how to quench this self-destructive mindset...


 December 30, 2022  49m

Scaling Your Startup Business To Success With Jonathan Zacks

When you want to scale your startup, you need to market it correctly. You want to make sure you're solving a problem, especially if your product is some kind of software. This is what Jonathan Zacks did with GoReminders. He saw that people were missing their appointments, and so much money was being wasted on this. So, he started work on a solution. Join Mitch Russo as he talks with Jonathan about how he scaled up GoReminders. Discover how he marketed it on social media...


 December 23, 2022  29m

The Entrepreneurial Way: Breaking Free From The Corporate World With Rick Elmore

Have you grown tired of working in the corporate world? Sit tight and enjoy this fantastic journey with the guest today! Rick Elmore shares his path into entrepreneurship and how he tackled the simplicity of a common problem in the entrepreneurial way. Through his technology, he was able to do things better than what others were doing...


 December 16, 2022  29m

How An Audience List Can Help You Hit The Six-Figure Mark With Brian Kurtz

Hitting the six-figure mark requires in-depth research, constant marketing refinement, and endless product improvement. But one vital element must never be neglected in all of these: building a strong target audience. This is where Brian Kurtz found success when running the publishing company Boardroom Reports. Joining Mitch Russo, he explains how they earned billions by keeping a consistent audience list and nurturing powerful connections with each one...


 December 9, 2022  47m

How Great Entrepreneurs Find Huge Business Opportunities With Rick Raddatz

We’ve all known entrepreneurs that have not only achieved a stable business but managed to grow them - and keep on growing on a remarkably huge level! How do they do it? How did these entrepreneurs recognize these huge opportunities? How do these great minds think? That’s what we’ll talk about in today’s episode with Rick Raddatz...


 November 11, 2022  41m

Boomers Forever Young: Creating Health Using Radical Nutrition With Bob Gilpatrick

People say that age is just a number, but there’s nothing like being told that you looked years younger than you actually are instead of the other way around. Now it's possible! Joining Mitch Russo is the President and Co-founder of Boomers Forever Young, Bob Gilpatrick to tell us more about their incredible lifesaving products at a reasonable price! Bob shares insights on what inspires their product and the amazing results that you are proven to achieve...


 October 14, 2022  36m

The Power Of Life Coaching: Changing The World By Training Thousands To Help Others With Barbara Wainwright

Coaching empowers individuals and is a huge catalyst for change as it helps people move forward. In today’s episode, Barbara Wainwright, the author of The Power of Life Coaching, shares her journey to becoming a life coach. She shares her approach to coaching as well as how one can become certified through the Assessment-Based Certification. Start helping people maximize their performance...


 October 7, 2022  32m

Tom Peters On His Most Inspired Work Searching For Excellence

Being excellent in everything helps you stand out, but how can you be excellent with everything as a leader? In this episode, Tom Peters, the co-author of Tom Peters’ Compact Guide To Excellence, sits with Mitch Russo to provide insights that could help us take the path in search of excellence. As inflation is still peaking, Tom shares what it means to become a long-term investor. He argues that business leaders should focus on the betterment of society...


 September 23, 2022  30m