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episode 42: Becoming the highest version of yourself. Kim and Tara's story of their own spirtual journey's and how it allowed them to find their purpose of serving. [transcript]

Kim and Tara first met 8 years ago and became fast friends before working together in the educational field. Once Covid hit, they lost their jobs and their identity with it. This began their spiritual awakening and continued path on a self-discovery journey.
Kim realized that she had repressed her traumatic childhood and was living with limiting beliefs and a scarcity mindset. Through her spiritual journey, she has become fulfilled, living with an abundant mindset, has found her inner spark and reconnected with her soul.
Tara grew up in an environment where she dealt with parentification, adultifiaction, and a narcissistic Step Mom. Her awakening brought awareness that patterns from her childhood kept presenting themselves. Their journey allowed them to find their purpose of serving others. It is now their hope to walk as many people as possible through their spiritual journey so they can become their higher selves.
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 2021-07-27  1h45m