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3 Black guys reppin all black geeks everywhere!!!! We review the best Black movies, Action, Martial Arts, Anime/Manga, Comics, and everything that white people think black people aren't into.


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WrestleCorner - Wrestlemania 31 Odds and Ends

With Wrestlemania 31 ramping up, CJ and Dee take a look at the matches. Also we chat a little about New Japan Wrestling and TNA shenanigans. Also BULLET CLUB!!!!


 2015-03-22  1h24m

God Of War Series

Mario and Sonic stand as iconic figures in video game history and its very rare to ever reach that status. One game series managed to leave its mark and give us a characters that indeed reached it and his name is Kratos. Throughout 3 games and some...


 2015-03-17  1h23m

Exit Wounds

The movie that began Seagal not giving a shit. Ultimately we have a movie thats just average in action and underutilized the shit out of Michael Jai White. Its a decent entertaining movie but wow oh wow is it bad. 


 2015-03-08  1h56m

WrestleCorner - FastLane 2015

Another WWE PPV in the bag that is more or less a placeholder to hype up Wrestlemania. We break down the show along with New Japan Wrestling, some NXT talk, and random Wrestling odds and ends.


 2015-02-28  1h19m

Black Action Month '15 - Blood and Bone

Michael Jai White is one of those action stars that doesn't get enough credit for how solid he is. He has the presence and charisma that makes you like him. Blood and Bone is a prime example of him showing this. Its a simple movie with a plot that for...


 2015-02-25  1h54m

Def Jam Vendetta series

EA struck gold twice with a simple concept: Having rappers from the Def Jam label fight each other using a fighting engine seen in the Nintendo 64 AKI wrestling games. The Vendetta series peaked at Fight for NY and EA pretty much killed the series...


 2015-02-18  1h18m

Black Action Month '15 - Posse

Black westerns are few and far between to get shown but when it does happen, you got some good ones that come down the pipeline. This movie is one of them. Directed by the great Mario Van Peebles who also did New Jack City, Posse is one of those...


 2015-02-12  1h20m

Comic Book Corner - Spiderman MCU news

So it FINALLY happened...Sony broke bread with Disney/Marvel and managed to make a deal that gets Spiderman in the MCU. We tackle this news and also throw our own spin on how things will go down.


 2015-02-11  2h14m

Comic Book Corner - Avengers Disassembled

Quite possibly a good starting off point for anyone getting into Marvel comics, this storyline was pretty much the end of an era when it came to the 80's and 90's era of Avengers. Full of mindfuckery of a storyline, this event comic plays like an old...


 2015-02-08  1h11m

Black Action Month '15 - Three The Hard Way

Quite possibly the most simple plotline in movies that you can get and it makes sense cause its a blaxsploitation movie. But beyond that though, this movie is bad but in a good way. You enjoy the shenanigans that Jim Kelly, Jim Brown, and Fred...


 2015-02-02  1h1m