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3 Black guys reppin all black geeks everywhere!!!! We review the best Black movies, Action, Martial Arts, Anime/Manga, Comics, and everything that white people think black people aren't into.


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One of the most underrated movies in Arnold's career. Its very surprising how good this movie turns out. Great acting from everyone from Vanessa Williams to James Caan. Yeah it gets hokey at points but its one of those times you just shrug and let it...


 2015-04-29  1h27m

WrestleCorner - Extreme Rules Odds and Ends

Extreme Rules is upon us and what we have is a PPV peppered with gimmick matches good and bad. We also chat about recent NJPW events happening and TNA shenanigans yet again. 


 2015-04-25  1h31m

Comic Book Corner - House Of M

If you thought Avengers Disassembled had some mind fuckery well get ready for the mother of all mind fuckery. A continuation of Disassembled, House of M was a story that had long term ramifications for the Marvel Universe specifically with the...


 2015-04-22  1h51m

Iron Monkey

We've previously covered martial arts movies but there was a time where they weren't necessarily getting the attention like they are now. While Jackie Chan broke through in American, lots of movies being made in China and Japan got attention but not...


 2015-04-21  1h21m

Crank series

Its amazing to see a series go from 0 to 100 real quick(LOL see what we did there) and the Crank series managed to do it. While the first movie was very subtle despite the craziness, the second movie was just self aware of its stupidity and ran with...


 2015-04-13  1h42m

Knock Off

We all love JCVD but when he has a legit bad movie, we all weep in sadness. It doesn't help that the plot of this movie doesn't make a lick of sense and we honestly don't give two craps about the characters. Also we got Uncle Paulie and Rob Schneider...


 2015-04-04  1h20m

WrestleCorner - Wrestlemania 31 Review

Lord have mercy. Every year the WWE does there best to put on a great PPV with Wrestlemania but its rare to see a show pumping on all cylinders from beginning to end. Everything that you wanted to happen actually happened. Good matches all around and...


 2015-04-01  1h39m

Tenjou Tenge

In the world of anime especially with tv shows, you hope that your show catches on with the masses so that it will continue. Well in the case of Tenjou Tenge it was a situation where nobody gave a crap about the show despite the manga being good. Full...


 2015-03-27  1h18m

WrestleCorner - Wrestlemania 31 Odds and Ends

With Wrestlemania 31 ramping up, CJ and Dee take a look at the matches. Also we chat a little about New Japan Wrestling and TNA shenanigans. Also BULLET CLUB!!!!


 2015-03-22  1h24m

God Of War Series

Mario and Sonic stand as iconic figures in video game history and its very rare to ever reach that status. One game series managed to leave its mark and give us a characters that indeed reached it and his name is Kratos. Throughout 3 games and some...


 2015-03-17  1h23m