Adventist History Podcast

This podcast tells a story of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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episode 39: (S1, E39): The Jonesmobile

In this episode, we follow A.T. Jones' rise to influence and authority in the 1890s, and discuss his missteps along the way.


 2017-12-22  34m

episode 40: (S1, E40): More Perfect Unions

In this episode, we take the scenic route to the historic 1901 General Conference. We begin in the ashes of the Battle Creek Sanitarium, then up to catch a bird's eye view of global mission, and then back in time to see the problems the church faced as it


 2018-01-22  26m

episode 41: (S1, E41): Dear John, part 1

In this episode, we introduce ourselves to the great controversy (uhhh....pun) in the early 1900s: the Kellogg Affair. Come hear why Adventists don't own Corn Flakes.


 2018-02-23  33m

episode 42: (S1, E42): Dear John, part 2

In this episode, we finish up the sad saga of Dr. John Harvey Kellogg. Grab a tissue and hold on.


 2018-03-22  39m

episode 43: (S1, E43): The Color Line, part 3

In this episode, we return to the color line and examine the General Conference's strategy for navigating the Jim Crow-era - particularly in how it impacted the founding of churches in Washington D.C.


 2018-04-23  29m

episode 44: (S1, E44): The Color Line, part 4

In this episode, we continue our story about Adventist racial policy in the early 1900s. Lewis Sheafe's First church and his People's church want to be heard... or else.


 2018-05-22  37m

episode 45: (S1, E45): The Color Line, part 5

In this episode, we conclude the latest arc looking at Adventist race relations in the early 1900s. Good news for Lewis Sheafe fans out there... and bad news.


 2018-06-22  33m

episode 46: (S1, E46): Every Nation

In this episode, we take a leisurely flight over the world of Seventh-day Adventism. The first decade of the 20th century was the turning point from early Adventism to modern Adventism, and the death of Uriah Smith symbolized this.


 2018-07-22  26m

episode 47: Special Interview Episode: Steve Longi and Gregory Crosby

In this special episode, I interview two producers, Steve Longi and Gregory Crosby, from the film Hacksaw Ridge about the film's subject: Adventist hero and conscientious objector Desmond Doss. They'll share their new book on Doss' early life and a bit ab


 2018-08-02  35m

episode 47: (S1, E47): Sunday in the Cities

In this episode, we talk about the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 and Ellen White's great passion for cities. Also, we have sponsorship by The Haystack! We might as well talk about those meal-by-mail kits, too. You'll see.


 2018-08-22  33m