Adventist History Podcast

This podcast tells a story of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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episode 47: Special Interview Episode: Steve Longi and Gregory Crosby

In this special episode, I interview two producers, Steve Longi and Gregory Crosby, from the film Hacksaw Ridge about the film's subject: Adventist hero and conscientious objector Desmond Doss. They'll share their new book on Doss' early life and a bit ab


 2018-08-02  35m

episode 47: (S1, E47): Sunday in the Cities

In this episode, we talk about the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 and Ellen White's great passion for cities. Also, we have sponsorship by The Haystack! We might as well talk about those meal-by-mail kits, too. You'll see.


 2018-08-22  34m

episode 48: (S1, E48): The Daily

In this episode, we talk about William Warren Prescott and his efforts to be both a smart and loyal Seventh-day Adventist. We'll discuss the revision of Ellen White's The Great Controversy and, of course, the less great controversy over "the daily." Spon


 2018-09-22  47m

episode 49: (S1, E49): The Eastern Question

In this episode, we talk about the 1913 General Conference session, take a trip down memory lane, and A.G. Daniells' super-mega-cool Pacific Tour at the beginning of World War I. Then we conclude with Turkey. Not the food.


 2018-10-22  38m

episode 50: (S1, E50): Goodbye to Mom

In this episode - the end of season 1 - we say "goodbye" to Ellen White and prepare to face an uncertain future. How will the Seventh-day Adventist church survive without its spiritual mother? 


 2018-11-22  44m

episode 51: Intermission

In this episode, we talk about other episodes.


 2018-12-22  26m

episode 110: Was Ellen White a Fundamentalist? - May 2022 Bonus Episode

And what is fundamentalism, really? The What:  The Adventist History Podcast tells a story of the Seventh-day Adventist Church each month and is hosted by Matthew J. Lucio. Links:  Web Support: Facebook: Watch:


 2022-05-11  51m