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Episode 500 Celebration! - JSJ 500

The JavaScript Jabber panel teams up to discuss their favorite moments and episodes over the last nearly 10 years of the show. They discuss where things are at and where they're going next.


  • Aimee Knight
  • AJ O'Neal
  • Charles Max Wood
  • Dan Shappir
  • Steve Edwards


  • JavaScript Error and Performance Monitoring | Sentry
  • Level Up |
  • PodcastBootcamp...



How to Launch the Next Stage of Your Career - BONUS

Charles Max Wood explains how podcasting has repeatedly opened up opportunities for him to move his career forward. He dives into how it helped early in his career, how he was able to use it as a tool to find freelance clients, and how it can take you beyond a full time senior developer job into coaching or courses.

If you'd like to learn how to start your own podcast, go to podcastbootcamp...



How to Stay Current with JavaScript - JSJ 499

The panel gets together to discuss how they learn new things and what things are important to learn.

They start out discussing how to learn new things. They they go into how to keep up on the never-ending releases within the JavaScript ecosystem...



Transitioning a Large Front-End Codebase to TypeScript ft. Priscila Oliveira and Mark Story - JSJ 498

Priscila Oliveira and Mark Story join the panel to discuss the recent transition at Sentry from vanilla JavaScript to React and TypeScript.

The show starts out with the panelists nerding out over Sentry and how they use it, then they dive into the code transition and the things that they learned from their conversion to TypeScript...



Alpinejs, Microservices, Code Completion, and Getting Paid for Open Source with Caleb Porzio - JSJ 497

Caleb is the maintainer of several popular open source projects and frameworks including Alpinejs and Livewire, and is also an avid user of GitHub's CoPilot. Also, he's living the dream - writing open source full time.

We talk about declarative, imperative, moving from SPAs and APIs back to simpler server-oriented design, design architecture, code style and linting, and how Caleb's achieved the near-impossible task of monetizing open source in a way people love...



Don't Follow the Default Developer Career Path - BONUS

Charles Max Wood explains the default path that developers seem to follow in their career and why that doesn't give developers the fulfillment they're looking for.

He then walks through some of the options to change the direction of your career.


  • Charles Max Wood


 2021-08-13  23m

An Unconventional Journey into Coding ft. Sam Sycamore - JSJ 496

Sam Sycamore joins the podcast to tell his story of transitioning into programming after listening to the podcast episode we recorded with Danny Thompson.

Danny told his story about how he went from gas station attendant to programmer in a very short timeframe.

Sam has now made a similar journey from landscape construction to programming and what inspired him to make the switch...


 2021-08-10  1h16m

Opinionated Core Web Vitals - JSJ 495

Dan Shappir takes the lead this week to discuss Core Web Vitals and how Google is pushing the web to be faster.

He leads Chuck, Aimee, and AJ through the ways that developers can measure and improve the performance of websites based on the statistics specified by Google as components of Google rankings...


 2021-08-03  1h13m

Flutter Essentials ft. Allen Wyma - JSJ 494

Allen Wyma, host of the Flying High with Flutter podcast, joins the Jabber panel to discuss building mobile applications with Flutter.

The discussion includes an exploration of Flutter, how to get started, how it's different from other platforms, and who should consider using it...


 2021-07-27  52m

How to Check Your Application Security featuring Liran Tal - JSJ 493

Liran Tal joins the Jabber to talk about how to secure your applications and how to check for security vulnerabilities in your application and its dependencies and infrastructure.

Liran explains how to check your supply chain and your own code to make sure you're not leaving things open to malicious actors...


 2021-07-20  1h23m