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Following the crumbs in the chaos is a full time job. As a busy mom of three and keeping it weird in Austin, Texas, it’s safe to say that my life is never boring. In addition to running my coaching business as C’N’C’s CEO, I’m a certified coach for a premier virtual fitness and nutrition program helping others feel better while sustaining a healthy lifestyle. My mom and dad are thrilled that I’m putting my Exercise Science degree to good use. Along with my experience training pro athletes, S.W.A.T. members, and a high school football team, I gained 10+ years experience as the Director of Marketing building multiple court reporting companies. Lastly, I am a published writer, Content Coordinator, and Account Executive for a publication by Best Version Media. They even gave me a monthly “How to” column where I teach others how to be more self-sufficient with common household tasks. Every woman should know how their home functions and what to do if something malfunctions, man or no man. With my husband on the road, searching “How To” on the internet has transformed me into a “Mommy MacGyver”. “I don’t know how you have the time...

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episode 12: Mama Stay Sane with Kimberly Vieley | CNC12

Did you say Namaste? Ohhh Mamaste! Yes, things are crazy when you have little kids and you’re trying to launch business. Today I sit down with Kim Vieley, an accountability and mindset specialist, to talk about the importance of self care. Often, those words imply spending money and physical appearance. But self care is also mental and taking the time you need to be focused and 100%...


 2020-12-01  38m

episode 11: Calming the Holiday Chaos? | CNC11

Holidays are anything but calm for most. How do you prepare? Heather provides some tips and ideas on how you can feel prepared for the holidays, clean our home to make room, and more. We even touch on toy purgatory and how to get rid of toys without your kids knowing it. Save money and time by trying some of these things out this year. Grab your gift and donation trackers and let’s get ready for the holidays. Happy Holidays! About the Host: Following the crumbs in the chaos is a full time job...


 2020-11-24  30m

Hire a Nanny 101 | CNC BONUS

Bonus Episode y’all! So many of us are drowning at home and don’t have the bandwidth to get everything you want done with a clear head. You’re at the point where you need help but you don’t know how or you’re scared. I am here for you. Join me Monday, November 23rd in our Help + Hints + Podcast Group on Facebook for a mini masterclass on how to hire a nanny. From where to start to what to do after hiring, I’ve got you covered...


 2020-11-20  9m

episode 10: Finding Financial Freedom with Dawnette Palmore | CNC10

Finding financial freedom. This week, Heather sits down with a financial wellness expert, Dawnette Palmore, and talk money She shares how we can talk budgets and plan finances with our partner. Open communication and look at money as a positive and not a negative. Setting a time a place each week to check-in and debrief to stay on the same page. So many great tips from Dawnette! You don’t want to miss this episode. *Disclaimer: Life seriously happened the day we recorded this...


 2020-11-17  23m

episode 9: Spatchcock ? | CNC09

Who is ready for Thanksgiving? Do you wait until the last minute or do you plan ahead? In this episode, I offer some strategy in the weeks leading up to Turkey Day. Lots of tips and pointers that you should definitely take note of. Put aside the politics and the hot button conversations, and have a nice holiday and end 2020 on a positive note. Also, I was able to use the fun word “spatchcock” which was awesome! Following the crumbs in the chaos is a full time job...


 2020-11-10  26m

episode 8: Productivity Pointers with Annmarie Gustafson | CNC08

Productivity and time blocking for both business and personal time. Annmarie and I dive into how we can be more productive and improve communication skills between our partners and ourselves. Setting boundaries and time limits are essential to keep the balance at home while working and doing all the things under the same roof...


 2020-11-03  44m

episode 7: Why You Need a Coach With Hillary Bennett | CNC07

Do you need a coach in business? How do I choose one? How to tell the difference between a good and bad coach? We dive in with mindset and accountability coach, Hillary Bennett, talk about how important it is to have a coach and always be open for growth. Hillary Bennett is mindset and accountability coach for mompreneurs. She lives in Vancouver,Washington, USA with her two adorable, but crazy, children (3 year old boy and 5 year old girl)and is married to her high school sweet heart...


 2020-10-27  36m

episode 6: Bedtime Routine: Calm or Chaos? | CNC06

Do you have a bedtime routine? What works best? We dive into whether you should give a bath before or after dinner or what a consequence should look like if dinner is left untouched...


 2020-10-20  15m

episode 5: Organized Chaos | CNC05

Today we dive into the "Chaos Control System" and why it is so important to be prepared for all of life's' unexpected curve balls. Don't be unprepared and let crisis get the best of you. From a plumbing disaster before a big move to floods of texts while trying to run your errands, let's laugh and live through these true stories and why we need more Chaos Control in our lives and a manual that can change your home forever. About the Heather: Following the crumbs in the chaos is a full time job...


 2020-10-13  21m

episode 4: Efficient Chaos | CNC04

Do you find yourself waiting in the school pickup line for an obscene amount of time? How do you pass the time? Perhaps a phone call to your mom or surfing the internet and scrolling through social media. What if you could be more productive with home duties while sitting in your car? Recently, I have started folding my laundry in the car because you have to be stationary in either the home or the car...


 2020-10-06  15m