Did You Reddit?

A (mostly) weekly podcast about the Internet, by way of Reddit: the front page of the Internet. Each episode, u/ItsYerDad, u/MyFreeday, and u/DogBoobes discuss a different Subreddit, and the subcultures that this subreddit is about…kindof.


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h24m. Bisher sind 196 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast.

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episode 194: 194: r/howtonotgiveafuck and the return to Ranch Dressing Studios

r/howtonotgiveafuck because whatever who cares just chill. Plus, we're back in Ranch Dressing Studios.



episode 193: 193: r/freebritney, dad's corporate communist takeover dream, there's a fire in the ocean

r/freebritney, a subreddit conspiring on how to save America's favorite pop star



episode 192: 192: r/structuralengineering, using Reddit to make sense of catastrophe, and The Cosby show is back (ugh)

r/structuralengineering, and how making sense of the Miami Building collapse using Reddit.



episode 191: 191: r/royalsgossip goes PRIVATE, snark subs, and why do we even care about these people anyway?

r/royalsgossip, snark subs, and trying (and failing) to be ambivalent to the royal family


 2021-06-28  1h32m

 2021-06-11  1h32m

episode 189: 189: Front Page Review, AMTRAK's YOLO spirit, Meteors, and everyone's cancelled

Front Page Review!111!1! and tips on how to travel by Amtrak


 2021-06-04  1h32m

episode 188: 188: r/investing (kind of) with teen author and investor Jack Rosenthal

r/investing (kind of) with Teen Wizkid and future person we ask for money, Jack Rosenthal


 2021-05-24  1h41m

episode 187: 187: r/creepypasta classics - the tip of the iceberg

r/creepypasta classics - reading three of the all-time greats, and talking the world of r/creepypasta


 2021-05-17  1h48m

episode 186: 186: r/nobodyasked, badly predicting the future of roadside food, and 4 years stranded on a boat...

r/nobodyasked - the Internet's best repository of people completely misunderstanding how text-based boundaries work.


 2021-05-10  1h36m

episode 185: 185: r/decidingtobebetter with Monica Livingston, and online Danish shopping addiction with u/dogboobes

r/decidingtolivebetter with life coach Monica Livingston


 2021-05-04  1h42m