Did You Reddit?

A (mostly) weekly podcast about the Internet, by way of Reddit: the front page of the Internet. Each episode, u/ItsYerDad, u/MyFreeday, and u/DogBoobes discuss a different Subreddit, and the subcultures that this subreddit is about…kindof.


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episode 200: 200 (!): Dead Internet Theory and the Great DYR Siesta

Episode 200: Dead Internet Theory and the beginning of the DYR Siesta



episode 199: 199: r/sims4, and u/myfreeday returns from the land of lasagna

r/sims4 - a subreddit dedicated to the game that's paving the way to our eventual societal embrace of "the simulation"


 2021-09-07  1h16m

episode 198: 198: r/throawaylien - So Tom Delonge was right all along huh?

r/throawaylien - a sub dedicated to the cult figure and alien abduction ambassador u/throawaylien


 2021-08-23  1h4m

episode 197: 197: r/blaseball, how sports fandoms work, and why something this confusing is so fun

r/blaseball - a sub dedicated the to Internet's most exciting and confusing horror splort


 2021-08-10  1h20m

episode 196: 196: The Bystanders, featuring the creators, and FPR Olympics Edition

A Chat With The Creators Behind the Scripted Podcast 'The Bystanders'


 2021-08-06  1h50m

episode 195: 195: Front Page Review - Jeff's Wein Rocket, Reddit Statistics, and improving the rules of baseball

Front Page Review - starring Jeff Bezos's dumb cowboy hat and a horror-themed baseball game called Blaseball evidently.


 2021-07-26  1h16m

episode 194: 194: r/howtonotgiveafuck and the return to Ranch Dressing Studios

r/howtonotgiveafuck because whatever who cares just chill. Plus, we're back in Ranch Dressing Studios.


 2021-07-20  1h24m

episode 193: 193: r/freebritney, dad's corporate communist takeover dream, there's a fire in the ocean

r/freebritney, a subreddit conspiring on how to save America's favorite pop star


 2021-07-13  1h30m

episode 192: 192: r/structuralengineering, using Reddit to make sense of catastrophe, and The Cosby show is back (ugh)

r/structuralengineering, and how making sense of the Miami Building collapse using Reddit.


 2021-07-05  1h41m

episode 191: 191: r/royalsgossip goes PRIVATE, snark subs, and why do we even care about these people anyway?

r/royalsgossip, snark subs, and trying (and failing) to be ambivalent to the royal family


 2021-06-28  1h32m