Did You Reddit?

A mostly weekly podcast about the Internet, by way of Reddit: the front page of the Internet. Each episode, u/ItsYerDad, u/MyFreeday, and u/DogBoobes discuss a different Subreddit, and the subcultures that this subreddit is about…kindof. Brought to you by trueswords.com and Capo Isetta Vinyards, until they tell us to stop saying that.


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episode 126: Front Page Review: Hong Kong, Hotties for Trump, and Laird's Nutritional Gravy

This week we wanted to talk about r/HongKong, but got so sidetracked with the front page, that we didn't even mention the sub. Typical DYR behavior.



episode 125: r/trumpcriticizestrump, Winnie The Pooh Jinping, and u/dogboobes is a PC Elitist Now

Our president's Tweets are a relativist's dream come true, and r/trumpcriticizestrump is the Internet's greatest resource for cataloging these 140 character global...policy...decisions. 



episode 124: r/squaredcircle with Uncle B, u/itsyerdad's obsession with the The Fiend, and AEW's rise

The Fiend, The Fiend, The Fiend, and AEW (but mostly the fiend). Uncle B and the DYR Gang, live from Ranch Dressing Studio 54.



episode 123: r/entitledpeople, u/dogboobes has famous rapper energy, and DYR rewrites the pledge of allegiance for September 11th

r/entitledpeople - a sub dedicated to celebrating the takedown of Karens worldwide. Plus, Tekashi69 by Ken Burns, Meathead Mondays at Arizona State, and Orange County bros who wear American flag boardshorts.


 2019-09-13  1h25m

episode 122: r/brandnewsentence, our world is on fire, and it's ok to like the art of Tap

Reddit's Sentence Smithsonian, God gives us a mulligan by killing one of the Koch brothers, and u/dogboobes slips on a fig.


 2019-08-27  1h14m

episode 121: r/conspiracy revisited, Lamb Man feasts on the bones of children, and night pod energy

This week, we revisit one of our favorite subs, r/conspiracy since our beloved Marina Joyce went missing again, and Epstein went full deep state. Plus, Lamb Man feasts on the bones of children.


 2019-08-21  1h32m

episode 120: r/aboringdystopia, u/dogboobes's incredible jingle recall, and the differentiation between cops and firemen

This week, the DYR gang discusses r/aboringdystopia, a sub dedicated to exposing the slow capitalist boil that all of us societal frogs are sitting in as it slowly turns us into a creole delicacy. It's very uplifting.


 2019-08-05  1h27m

episode 119: r/peterexplainsthejoke, u/itsyerdad eats beer cheese at an Ohio Top Golf, and afternoon pod energy

r/peterexplainsthejoke, Top Golf, u/itsyerdad's stepdad Rick, and $1.50 Hamm's Cans


 2019-07-27  1h22m

episode 118: r/comedynecromancy - Part 3 of the Comedy Family, u/myfreeday begins his rap career, and babe.net's journalistic renaissance

In this, the final episode of our comedy triad, we discuss the art and craft of comedy memes, which is put on display at r/comedynecromancy, r/comedyhomicide, and the more delicious r/comedynecrophilia. While r/comedyheaven and r/comedycemetery are much more about curating and archiving this particular brand of comedy memes, these subs are about deconstructing the art of the meme by analyzing some of the tropes, trends, and habits that any good meme identifies with...


 2019-07-22  1h29m

episode 117: r/comedycemetery - Part 2 of the Comedy Family, Bagel Man Area 51 improvisational fan fiction erotica, and earthquakes

0:00 - 46:00 Front Page Review 46:00 - 1h38 r/comedycemetery 1h38 - end Random Button


 2019-07-16  1h41m