Ditch Diggers

Treat your writing like a blue collar job. Doctors don't get doctor block and ditch diggers don't get ditch digger block, and working writers can't get writer's block. Business and humor.



episode 4: Matt is Missing! Guest host Chuck Wendig

We're back! Kind of! Matt is taking some time off to deal with some wolverines or something in Alaska, so I have some other authors coming in to help me out in the meantime until he returns to us. This week we have prolific shed writer and beard...


 April 19, 2021  1h19m

episode 3: A Bad Sentence, A Worse Segue

Matt and Mur talk about newer authors approaching agents, what to ask, what to expect. 


 February 16, 2021  52m

episode 2: Matt and Mur Talk BUMP

Matt and Mur are back! We talk what happens when a mid-career author has to unexpectedly go on an agent hunt.  January 11, 2021 - Season 7 Ep 1 - Copyright 2021, Mur Lafferty and Matt Wallace - BY-NC-SA 3.5 License - murverse.com


 January 25, 2021  50m