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Hear people share their passions and geek out about their favourite stories. The word ‘geek’ comes with a stereotype, let’s look beyond that and hear from the real people.

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episode 11: Living in a satirical world with Seth Levens

Seth tells us more about what makes him tick, the satirical look at the world that drives a lot of his writing and the way he observes the world around him. How does this influence him in his daily life and the way he sees people.


 2022-07-04  44m

episode 12: Shakespeare Unleashed with James Aquilone

In this episode, we hear from writer, editor and serial Kickstarter, James Aquilone James shares with us the story behind his latest Kickstarter project, Shakespeare Unleashed. We learn how the idea first came to him following his previous successes (Kol


 2022-07-18  1h3m

episode 13: Jason Starr and The Next Time I Die

In this episode, we hear from a crime writer, comic book writer and now sci-fi writer, Jason Starr.


 2022-08-01  47m

episode 14: Heath Fodor shares his adventures and bumping into history

In this episode, we hear from Heath Fodor. Heath shares with us his journey from growing up in a small town in Michigan, loving comics and writing, through his various brushes with history.


 2022-08-15  55m

episode 15: Cowboy Coder Shares His Code Rage

In this episode, we hear from Cowboy Coder about his upcoming album; Code Rage.


 2022-08-29  26m

episode 16: Kyle Stück on hobbies, work, passions and horror.

In this episode, we hear from podcaster, comic creator and very nice person, Kyle Stück.


 2022-09-12  1h53m

episode 17: Ada McCartney on Poetry, Writing and Personal Environment

In this episode, we hear from writer, poet and owner of a super soothing voice, Ada McCartney.

Ada shares with us the variety of things she likes to geek out about and the journey she took with them. Wether its her love of books and writing her love of music, or her interest in the environment we all surround ourselves in. Ada brings a sense of discovery and open-mindedness to her life that helps her try new things and explore a variety of subjects...


 2022-09-26  56m

episode 18: Gabe Cheng shares how he accepts the bad and embraces the great

In this episode, we hear from podcaster and comic creator, Gabe Cheng.


 2022-10-10  1h6m

episode 19: Cowboy Coder: Code Rage: Album Review from The Pop Guerillas

Cowboy Coder's debut album, 'Code Rage' is available now!

Find store links here:

Find his Soundcloud here:

Find his Twitter here:

Find more from the pop guerillas:


 2022-10-17  3m

episode 20: Black Adam for dummies

Something a little different today. I'm proud to bring you an episode from the new show 'A Dummies Guide to Geekdom' which will bring you quick refresher lessons on everything from geek culture.
To celebrate the release of the New film, 'Black Adam' Spider-Dan joins us to prepare everyone and answer the question 'who is Black Adam?'

First appearing in 1945 as a creation of Otto Binder and C.C...


 2022-10-21  30m