Foothills Unitarian Church

Podcasts of Sermons from Foothills Unitarian Church. Rev. Gretchen Haley and Rev. Sean Neil-Barron

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episode 306: Meditation on Staying Present | Rev. Elaine | February 21, 2021

Rev. Elaine guides us in a meditation to explore how love is asking us to stay present.



episode 305: Homily: Love That Stays | Rev. Gretchen | February 21, 2021

Rev. Gretchen explores staying put with those you love during the hard parts of life. She teaches that in promising to love someone in "good times and bad" we are not merely engaging with a distant and theoretical idea. We are promising to stay put throu...



episode 304: A Story of Persistent Love | Rev. Sean | February 21, 2021

Rev. Sean tells the story of Jonah's attempt to travel away from God's call to go to Ninevah (and how Jonah then becomes fish food). He explores what happens when one runs away from what one is called to be.



episode 303: Alchemy of Love | Rev. Sean Neil Barron | February 14, 2021

Rev. Sean Neil-Barron offers a poetic dive into the meaning of tough love.



episode 302: Homily Part 2: Tough Love Sees Us, and Sees Us Through | Rev. Gretchen Haley | February 14, 2021

Rev. Gretchen draws on the story of Job to illustrate how bearing witness to another without fixing or minimizing is an act of courageous love.



episode 301: Homily Part 1: Tough Love | Rev. Gretchen Haley | February 14, 2021

Rev. Gretchen explores what we really mean when we say "love." She invites us to engage with the concept of love more deeply because "when we understand love not just as a word, but as an experience and a commitment, as a way of orienting our lives and t...



episode 300: Meditation on Waiting | Rev. Gretchen Haley | February 7, 2021

Inspired by Imbolc, which marks the halfway point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, Rev. Gretchen offers a guided meditation to help us tune into the experience of waiting.



episode 299: Homily: Something Far More Deeply Interfused | Rev. Bill Sinkford | February 7, 2021

Rev. Bill Sinkford explores the church as a community of memory and of hope. He guides us in taking stock of the past and wondering about the quality of presence we will be called to embody as we move forward. Rev. Bill guides us in exploring how we will...



episode 298: Homily Part 2: Complex Lives, Simple Rules | Rev. Sean Neil-Barron | January 31, 2021

Rev. Sean vibrantly illustrates the power of simple rules and explores why simple rules are so effective at empowering individual actions and forging strong communities.



episode 297: Homily Part 1: Just Breathe | Rev. Sean Neil-Barron | January 31, 2021

Rev. Sean Neil-Barron offers a poetic homily honoring the power and breadth of the simple “just breathe.”