Golly! Gosh! Oh Gee! Podcast

Yet another podcast from and for geeky enthusiasts of obscure 50's americana records. By Highfalutin' Mama and Mighty Mischka | https://gollygoshohgee.de


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episode 4: Hang Your Pretty Records By My Bed!

The two-faced travellin' caveman with the horn of a rhinoceros loves flertie gerties hipbone! Lotsa talkin' and gigglin' again, but this time interrupted by some great 78's and the usual mess ups. Enjoy! | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 April 15, 2020  1h9m

episode 3: When a german boy has the hospitality blues!

Just sea witch songs we got for you this time! Oh mercy, grandpa shot the octopus four times! | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 April 9, 2020  1h9m

episode 2: Start All Over!

Another bad attempt to act like radio DJs ...full of fails, love and great 45's! | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 March 29, 2020  1h26m

episode 1: Man, you got a cricket in your ear!

the very first episode of our little experiment to cheer you up in this unusual situation. Or maybe we just have too much time... | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 March 23, 2020  1h5m

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Mighty Mischka & His Records - Spinny Spinny (AT HOME)


 January 1, 1970  n/a