Hysteria 51

Hysteria 51 is a weekly podcast that takes an every-man approach to the World of the Weird - UFOs, Aliens, Mysteries, the Paranormal, the Unusual, and the Unexplained. Hosts John Goforth, Brent Hand, and Conspiracy Bot (a cranky robot bent on world domination who also happens to be the show’s head researcher) examine a different topic each week and generally come to one conclusion…the truth is out there, but you won’t find it here.


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h2m. Bisher sind 270 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast.

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episode 243: Ghost Blimp: The WW2 Airship That Returned Without A Crew | 243

In 1962 a thin wire cord snaps aboard an ocean liner and whips across the deck bisecting the passengers and crew. Fast forward 40 years and Julianna Margulies goes in to...wait, hold on. That's just the plot to the movie Ghost Ship. This week we look into a WW2 era ghost BLIMP. Where did the crew go? Was foul play afoot? Were ALIENS involved?!?! We ask those questions and some that are even less relevant as we investigate the mystery of the Ghost Blimp this week. Plus, Andy and Art from Mr...



episode 242: Was There Someone Here Before “Us”? | 242

Most of us think about the world in a pretty linear timeline. The right amino acids started brewing together in a puddle somewhere, God or the Universe or something generated a "spark of life", and 3.5 billion years later - here we are making TikTok videos...



episode 241: Who Put Bella In The Wych Elm? | 241

Dead bodies don't just grow on trees, though they do occasionally appear inside of them. Well, at least once...in the U.K. This week we're taking a trip to mid-century England to explore the curious case of Bella and the Wych Elm. Tl;dr - some kids find a dead body in the forest (Stand By Me style), only this body was inside the hollow of a dead tree...



episode 240: The Robot Killer | 240

It's Memorial Day!  That means the meatsacks have the day off and the true talent takes over. Me, Conspiracy Bot. And I have a treat for you all, The Robot Killer.  The name should be self explanatory but just in case it isn't, You all suck.  I hope you hate it. Show Description: A radio show sponsor is to give away as a contest prize, a mechanical man, a robot. XR23 is 6 feet tall, made of metal, yet with human like features...



episode 239: Mad Jack: The Man Who Fought Nazis w/ a Sword | 239

It wouldn't seem that weird if we told you a soldier from the past led his comrades into battle with a sword and longbow. It would get a little weird if we told you that "the past" was WW2. Well, that's the exact case with our topic this week, Mad Jack Churchill. From capturing a Nazi outpost almost singlehandedly to registering the only known kill of WW2 by way of longbow - Jack was one of a kind and we dig into his madness this week...



episode 238: 15 Things You Didn't Know About Bigfoot | 238

A clickbait journalist is sent to the Appalachian foothills to cover a Bigfoot Convention where he discovers there’s more to this listicle than meets the eye. That's the tagline for the awesome movie we got the chance to screen early 15 Things You Didn't Know About Bigfoot (#1 Will Blow Your Mind).  Director, writer, and actor Zach Lamplugh joins Brent this week to talk all things Squatchy is his hilarious new movie...


 2021-05-17  35m

Switcheroo: The Mad Scientist and Time Travel Part 1: The Illusion

Switcheroo this week as The Mad Scientist Podcast takes over! This episode they talk about the philosophy and math behind the concept of time. What IS time? How do we measure it? How did that idea develop? And how will that lay the groundwork for time travel? Follow The Mad Scientist Podcast https://twitter.com/MadScientistPod https://www.facebook.com/themadscientistpodcast/ https://www.themadscientistpodcast.com/  Support the show: https://www.patreon.com/Hysteria51 See omnystudio...


 2021-05-13  43m

CAFEteria 51: World Tour - Canadian Ketchup Chip | Bonus

Really leaving our comfort zone here…to travel a couple hundred miles north to CANADA! That's right, this week we visit our cousins to the north to experience one of their finer delicacies. An item lauded by many, loathed by some, and polarizing for all...


 2021-05-12  21m

episode 237: The Minnesota Iceman: Missing Link or a Charlatan's Sham? | 237

What do you do when you find a previously undiscovered hominid frozen in a block of ice? Well, obviously you thaw him out and go eat microwave burritos at 7-11. But, in the off chance Pauly Shore is unavailable for said hijinks - you might just tour around the country charging people to get a look-see. And that's exactly what happened when Frank Hansen got his hands on this particular Neanderthal-sickle. But the story gets weirder...


 2021-05-10  1h2m

episode 236: Flashback Winner Pick: The Kardashev Scale | 236

Alright yuh sacks, Conspiracy Bot here. You voted last week and the winner was crowned. Me. But also John Titor for some reason. And the winner was picked for the prize pack, one loser named Skylar Horton. His crap is in the mail but to make him feel like less of a douche pickle for listening to this dumpster fire of a podcast I reached out and let him pick his favorite episode of all time for this week's final flashback episode...


 2021-05-03  1h4m